Review: Hada Labo tamagohada AHA+BHA daily face wash

Wow – so sorry about the radio silence, it’s been crazily busy at Uni recently so I’ve been neglecting the blog *Sobs*. I’ve actually been meaning to do this review for about a month now and just managed to finally get it done!
Many of you may (or may not) be familiar with the Hada Labo brand. It’s a Japanese brand that focuses on simplicity and affordability (big props to the affordability point!) I had actually purchased a bottle of this cleanser while on a short trip to Taiwan (I had run out of my cleanser and didn’t have enough time to pack so I traveled all the way to Taiwan with no face wash). I mainly wanted to try it out because I had heard nothing but good things about this brand while researching Asian skin care brands and plus it said “AHA+BHA” – what more could I ask for?!
Anyway, less rambling and more reviewing!
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Review: Milk Face wash + Scrub

Milk is a brand founded by Michael Klim and his wife, and I don’t know how current you are with your Olympians but Michael Klim used to be an Australian Olympian in the sport of swimming. So I definitely found it an odd career change but the packaging and claims of Nori + Spirulina extract, walnut shett, vitamin E and Rosemary mint sucked me into purchasing the face wash + scrub when it went on sale at Woolworths.
I have to point out that this face wash + scrub belongs to the men’s line, the women’s line doesn’t have a face wash + scrub equivalent so I opted out of purchasing anything in the women’s line. Also, for some reason I can only find the women’s line at Priceline and the men’s line at Woolworths – it’s absolutely bizarre.
It’s been on the market for a few years now but I can’t really say I’ve seen many reviews on products from this brand (especially from Australian bloggers!) and it is only recently that Priceline begun to stock Milk products.

Milk face wash

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How do you… Tone?

Today’s post is a little short especially since Uni has started again and work is just swamping me =[ but this has been a pertinent question on my mind for awhile now!
I’m curious about this as I’ve never used a toner before now and it’s only just recently that I bought the Benton BHA aloe toner (review to come soon! I’ve been using for almost a month) and since it came in a spray bottle I started using it by spraying it right on and just patting in the toner.
After awhile I tried spraying the toner right onto a cotton pad and wipe my face with the cotton pad since the spray bottle is quite brutal (droplets would come out instead of a fine mist T_T). I’ve found that I do prefer this method of application mostly because the cotton pad actually removes any fibers that my face towel left on my face and it feels more refreshing compared to if I sprayed it right on and patted the toner on.

I do have a bizzare concern that I might be making myself prematurely winkle since I tend to pull a little bit on my skin as I use the cotton pad! Any suggestions on minimising pulling?

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DD Creams – Seriously.


We’ve had the BB Creams, the CC creams and now it seems DD creams are set to milk this alphabet chain a little more!

I believe, they were initially called DD creams to stand for ‘Daily Defense’ creams and they were meant to be heavy duty body and feet creams. This was back in 2012 but now, Julep is set to launch their version of the DD cream which to them, stands for ‘Daily defense  or ‘Dynamic Do all’ that is supposed to moisturise, protect, hydrate, prime and provide anti-aging properties for your face. Hmm… Wonder where I’ve heard that spiel before! Oh right. Every other BB cream and CC cream currently on the market.
Julep is set to launch their range of DD creams in June and you can now pre-order these DD creams on their official website.

Honestly, it just sounds like another BB/CC cream just rebranded. This isn’t really impressing me that much but we’ll have to wait and see how well this trend goes down.

Let me know, how excited are you for this new version of the BB/CC cream?

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Pointy end of semester

Hello all! I won’t be posting any new product reviews for the foreseeable future as semester exams are coming in real close and statistics is killing me at the moment *sad face*.
I’ve got a heap of product reviews to do including a Skin Food Royal Honey Essence Mask + Royal Honey Ampoule, Skin79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream, My Beauty Diary Sake Pore mask, Leaders Insolution masks, plus a ton of sample reviews to go through! Here’re some pictures of things I’ll get to once exams are over (in a month or so!) Forgive the flash on the last two pictures, it’s late, it’s winter and I got home after it was dark. I wanted to put up a picture of the other things I’m going to be writing about after exams end but I won’t be home early enough anytime this week to take pretty pictures.

I’ll try my best to adhere to my publishing schedule but the posts will not be review posts (since I don’t have time to do the pictures and everything else) but I might be able to squeeze in the Skin79 Oriental Gold one as I have half of it written already (swatches have also been photographed in advance!)
As always, you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Bloglovin’ – I will be keeping my Twitter feed updated so follow me there for timely updates.

Hope you’ll enjoy my coming posts! I have no idea what I’ll be writing about but they’ll probably be more personal in nature and not as long as my review posts! Until then take care and enjoy the pictures!

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