Review: Mizon Enjoy Fresh-on time Black Bean Mask

So I’ve been looking for a wash off mask that is somewhat moisturising for awhile and then I came across this from Mizon and tried to find more information on it. Well, there was absolutely nothing. So I did what any reasonable person would do and straight out purchased it. Was it a good decision? Probably not but poor decisions aside I have taken one for the team and here is more information on this wash off mask.

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Review: The Face Shop – seed fermentation cleansing oil balm

This was the most requested review from my last haul post so here it is! A little bit delayed but here nonetheless.
It has become part of my makeup removal routine and dare I say it? Holy-Grail material! BEWARE: The following review is very, very intensely descriptive – involving GRITS and Sebaceous filaments. If you’re not already disgusted, please by all means, read on to find out why this is HG.
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Review: The Face Shop Pore clean Cleansing Oil

I came across this a few months ago and I was quite curious about it but I didn’t want to fork out for it since I still have half a bottle of make up remover left. Luckily the other day I found that The Face Shop was giving out samples of this and snagged a packet of this. It performed well but nothing very impressive either, in fact it probably doesn’t perform as well as other make up removers I’ve tried.

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Review: Skin Food Vita-B (Gel Mask)

I recently went on a face mask haul from w2beauty as they had a ‘pay $25 and get $35 worth of masks’ deal and I bought the whole range of the Skin Food Gel masks (vita-A, -B and -C) just because I was intensely curious about a gel type mask compared to the traditional fabric mask. They cost about $6AUD each but I’ve seen them a lot cheaper else where – these were part of my first purchase from w2beauty just to see if it was as good of a store as all the blogger hype I’ve been reading. (Basically, service is very good – you get email replies within a day and Alice, the owner, will try to get everything you want in your order and if it’s not possible arrange for an equivalent item. But you obviously have to pay for that service, I’m happy enough to pay for this service but I’m just mentioning this just in case every single comment in this post is about the price lol.)

I did mention that I would do the lip mask for this post but I just finished my last exam yesterday and was basically in a study coma and just played Bioshock Infinite from the time I got home till about dinner time haha – in my defense it’s been a really rainy and cloudy week here in Sydney so pictures would’ve been crap anyways.

Read on for the review!

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Review: Me:ex BeBe Lip Essence

Be warned. The Me:ex BeBe Lip Essence is a product I dislike more than the nose pack from the Face Shop. I didn’t like it so much I’m posting a review of it in the middle of my study period and publishing it on a non-publishing schedule because I think everyone ought to know how crappy it is as soon as possible.
I bought this from w2beauty for about $9-$10 AUD mostly because I saw this at my local Face Shop store and didn’t want to pay $16 AUD for it. I’m glad I didn’t pay that much but at the same time I hated that I even paid for this product.
[frame]*Please note that I was NOT sponsored to do this review. The link to w2beauty goes to my affiliate link and if you do make a purchase over $30 USD using my link I get a 5% commission.[/frame]

Read on to find out why this was just beyond bad. It’s a long post but I promise it’s worth reading.

Bebe lip essence

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Review: The Face Shop Pomegranate & Pearl mask and Royal Jelly MBD

Today I bring you an offering of face mask reviews! Up for review is the Pomegranate mask and the Pearl mask from The Face Shop as well as the Royal Jelly My Beauty Diary mask. I bought the Royal Jelly MBD masks a while ago from Sasa in a box of 10 and the Face Shop masks were bought a week or two ago. The face masks from The Face Shop cost about AUD$2.50 each and the box of 10 MBD masks were bought on sale for AUD$11.
Read on for my impression of the Face Shop masks and my comparison between the two brands!

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Revisit: TonyMoly Eggpore blackhead out gel

This is a new feature I’m running where I’ll be re-reviewing products I’ve already reviewed mostly because I don’t think there’s any use in me giving my initial opinion without doing a second review actually reviewing the effectiveness of a product. For today’s revisit, I’ll be going over the TonyMoly Eggpore blackhead out gel which I’ve reviewed here. There will be three sections and this post will be broken up to accordingly. Warning, this post is picture intensive. Not phone data friendly.

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Revisit: TheFaceshop NZ Volcanic clay nose pack

I’ve decided to start a new category called “Product Revisit“, basically its where I re-review products I’ve made a review for when I first got them to give you my opinion of the effectiveness of the product (because you really can’t tell if something works on the first or second application). This is my first ‘revisit’ and I hope you’ll enjoy it to compare against the original review. I’ve done a preliminary review on this product here but I feel that I really need to do a new one now that I’ve used it a few more times.

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Product Revisit – a new feature I’ll be doing

Just a little info on this is a new feature I’m going to be doing where I’ll be revisiting products (hence “product revisit”) that I’ve done a review on and then re-reviewing them based on an extended use of products. I always see bloggers do an initial product review, telling you what it is, what its supposed to do, how it smells, the price, etc, etc but I rarely see them do another post where they evaluate the effectiveness of the product – especially if it is a skin care product. Sure, there is the short term effects of these products such as moisturised skin, or brightening effects that show up immediately, but I think the real value in these product reviews is using them for awhile and then re-reviewing.

The first revisit post that you’ll see soon (on Saturday!) is going to be about the Faceshop’s New Zealand Volcanic Clay nose pack that I’ve reviewed here. Look forward to it! I’ve a few planned already so keep an eye out for them! Sneak peak picture below!

revisit sneak peak[clear]

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