Review: Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick #2 #10

I bought these lipsticks a while ago actually as I wanted a really glossy, moisturising lipstick. I had purchased these lipsticks from Jolse as they have a $3 sign-up bonus and I went with #2 Vanilla Pink and #10 Latte Brown.
Just by Googling this product I notice a lot of people have purchased #10 Latte Brown and I can see why! It is a very flattering nude shade and it has the MLBB (my lips but better) quality. I purchased #2 Vanilla Pink as well since I also wanted a pink shade that wasn’t too pale (and I needed a $20 minimum to use the $3 coupon).
Read on for the review!
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unboxing Memebox Office essentials – AKA the O.L. box

Honestly, I’ve never got onto the Memebox bandwagon but I had recently won the Office Essentials box (they should’ve just called it the “OL* box”!) from a giveaway Chee was holding thanks to Memebox sponsoring it. This is the very first time I’m trying a box and there are some major misses but a few hits as well!
Also, because my usual camera is at my boyfriend’s new place I’ve just resorted to using a cool-toned LED lamp and the back facing Iphone camera for photos in this post! Let me know what you think! Are they noticeably potato-quality or would you not have even noticed if I didn’t mention it? Anyway! On to the unboxing~
*OL: ‘Office Lady’
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Review: Clio Gelpresso waterproof pencil gel liner

Clio Gelpresso Waterproof pencil gel liner. What a mouthful! I bought these two Gelpresso pencils recently on a short trip to Taiwan and I’m just in love with them! So far all Clio products haven’t failed to impress me (see eyeliner and lip lacquer) and this is no exception!
I wanted to buy the pastel colours too but unfortunately the Watsons I was at had sold out (sad face) so I just bought Beige Shine (No. 1) and Bloody Angel (No. 14). Normally I’m not too excited about coloured eyeliners since all the ones I’ve bought have always been lacklustre and I find using eyeshadow as colour eyeliner works just as well (when combined with a good primer!) but combined with my love of Clio and rave reviews, I just had to give this a go when I saw them!
Clio_waterproof liner
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Review: Clio Waterproof Brush Liner

As much as I love eyeliners with brush tips, the Maybelline eyeliner that I has such high hopes for failed miserably in all other aspects. I found another eyeliner with a similar brush tip on my recent trip to Singapore and it’s from the Korean brand Clio – my cousin swears by their eyeliners and so does her friend (though they use the thinner brushed version). After trying this for a month or so, I can full heartedly agree with them. This was what I was expecting from the Maybelline Master precise liquid liner and more! This is definitely deserving of the Holy Grail classification!

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Review: Skin Food Red Orange Jelly BB #1

I’m on a real BB cream rampage, this marks my third consecutive BB cream post! I bought a packet of 10 samples from my last RoseRose shop haul just out of curiosity because of the texture. I haven’t tried the HolikaHolika Aqua Petit jelly bb cream but I feel that the texture of the Skin Food Red Orange Jelly BB cream is similar to it. A new jar retails for about $10 online and my packet of 10 samples was $2.40. For reference I’m NC25, with warm undertones, normal skin type and I live in a country with temperate weather.

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Review: Ameli eyeshadows and contour blush

I handed in my last assignment for this semester just yesterday and the Ameli eyeshadows I ordered from Vanity Box arrived on the same day! I know I said I’d stop doing reviews for awhile (at least until exams are over) but I just couldn’t resist sharing this (plus I’m in a way too good a mood to ruin it with more study)! I originally intended to just do a haul post (not much effort required and just pretty pictures would suffice) but it didn’t take too long to do the swatches so I figured I might as well make your visit here worthwhile.

I’ve been looking for some matte eyeshadows for quite awhile now and I wasn’t too sure about picking up the Urban Decay basic Naked palette that just about everyone is using. Enter Vanity Box’s closing sale! Not only were these babies discounted – I got an extra 60% off each item as they’re closing! I am not sponsored to do this review but this deal is really good. In total, including $6.50 for shipping, I paid about AUD$28! Works out to be $5.60 each!

Read on for swatches, reviews and more!

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Sparkly Chee is holding a giveaway!

Title says it all! The giveaway is being sponsored by (I am also an affiliate to this site – affiliate banner on the side bar!) and the prize up for grabs is an Etude House BB Cream Precious Mineral Cotton Fit (shade of your choice if you win!).

If you’re curious and/or want to join here is the link! Sparkly Chee Giveaway

 photo bb20cotton-500x500_zpsaeff064a.jpg

Even if you don’t join the giveaway you should still visit Chee’s blog anyway! She covers Asian cosmetics and skin care products and does a really good job with it!

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Review: Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream

This was given to me a long time ago but I haven’t gotten around to reviewing it mainly because as my first BB cream, it did not fit my skin very well. I know there’re a lot of people out there who love Skin79 so don’t get too upset when I say I didn’t like this very much. For reference I’m NC25, with warm undertones, normal skin type and I live in a country with temperate weather.
Read on to see what I found it’s pitfalls to be!

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