Twisted weave – variation of the regular curb link weave

Yesterday I shared with you guys the quarter weave and today it’ll be the twisted weave! I came up with this while playing with the weaving so I’ve just named it the twisted weave because the threads are only woven around one side in the same direction. It is a simpler weave with huge potential to be transformed into any pattern which is why I really like this weave. On to the DIY!

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woven curb link bracelet

As mentioned on the facebook page about a month ago, I said I wanted to make this woven chain bracelet as posted by Honestly WTF. Ordering the curb link bracelet wasn’t too hard on ebay and it arrived in about two weeks (which is amazingly fast for shipping to Australia)! Picked it up today and started this project. I have changed the DIY a bit as I’ve made a half woven bracelet as opposed to the fully woven one on Honestly WTF.

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Glass Float DIY

It’s the last day of holidays and as it is such, I will not have  a lot of time to continue my DIY projects and post them up =[ so for my last project (for awhile) that I’ll be showing you guys is how to create a decoration more widely known as “Glass Floats” or “Fishing Floats”. Basically it’s a glass ball (sealed) with netting around it. In the olden days they were used to keep fishing nets floating but now everyone uses plastic buoys so they are no longer in production (apart from replicas). Old glass floats can be (on occasion) found along the beach where they have been washed up – but these days they’re a collector’s item with each glass float able to fetch $50 to over $500 depending on size, glass condition, colour, etc.

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Felted mushrooms – how to


By (not so) popular demand here is the how-to! It is not a comprehensive how-to as it would be too wordy to explain it all but if you want to see how felting is done, just youtube a video =] my instructions are just for the mushrooms.

– Wool Roving/felting wool
– felting needle
– old pillow or cushion

Instructions: [one-fourth]
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