Review: Smashbox Full Exposure palette

I first saw this beauty in a friend’s beauty area and the moment I swatched it I realised I had to have it. There was no way around that. Unfortunately, living in Australia I get to pay this thing called the ‘Australia Tax’ whereby everything (I mean everything) gets a 50-100% price inflation. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because we live in the biggest hole in the Southern hemisphere and it’s a pain to ship anything here.
Fortune shone upon me though, as my parents were soon to depart for a very long, very expensive and very exciting Europe trip. I managed to get my mum to snag me the Full Exposure palette while she was in London for £38? I can’t quite remember the exact price but I think it was close to that price. Since she was a visitor she also managed to get 20% off VAT and the whole thing ended up to be somewhere around AUD$56 – a whole $10-$15 cheaper than if I bought it here. That, is what we refer to fondly as the ‘Australia Tax’. /backstory
Any how! Let’s keep this rolling – on to the review!
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Review: bdellium tools 776

This is my first blending brush I’ve ever bought and I’m so glad I bought it! There is a real difference when using a blending brush to blend and a regular brush to blend (hint: the blending brush actually blends as opposed to just muddying up the colours). I bought this last year on iherb for about $7AUD when my friends were doing a collective haul from that site and I decided to jump in on the shipping action. (funny story, I was actually in a pathology computer lab class when I was notified of this haul happening so I immediately went onto iherb to shop – during the class naturally haha. A few minutes later my tutor stopped by my computer to ask me a question and I answered it correctly without even stopping – probably helped that I studied that particular topic in another class before!) I have never heard of bdellium before then but I’m glad I ended up purchasing this instead of the $2 E.L.F blending brush. It would’ve ended up as another goodie but cheapie but sometimes I just want nice things!

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Review: Essence eyeshadow – Cappuccino, please!

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the brand Essence and today I bring you a review on their eyeshadow called Cappuccino, please! It had cost me about $2.70(ish?) at Priceline and I was quite surprised at the pigmentation and appearance when I used it. It turns out to be a pretty good highlighting shade and its possible to use it with another colour so you get a two coloured eyeshadow look that is extremely wearable in the day time.

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