Lamenting over impending doom and pretty things

Can’t wait till the end of semester (and exams) so I can do everything that makes life worth living! Baking, cooking, crafting, blogging on all the back logged projects, reading, writing an essay for next semester’s class, spending absurd amounts of time with my boyfriend – you know things like that!

[clear] I’ve actually been lusting over this bracelet by Mimco but rather than buying it like any normal person I’m going to try and make something like it for thirty dollars or less (wish me luck!)

On a different note, I’ve been really attracted to pearl cluster bracelets for a while now and the J-crew one look so fresh and bright~
If I manage to make a memory coil bracelet I’ll try making the clustered one next!

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Mother’s Day

It’s coming up next week and I’ve prepared a gift for my mum for being such a great pillar of support and love to me ^_^ I bought the Verbena cooling hand cream, body lotion and body soap bar from L’occitane to assemble my own hamper gift set. It has such a lovely fresh fragrance and I hope she enjoys it! The following is just a little DIY post on making your own hamper for anyone you’d want to celebrate this mother’s day!

(By the way, the hand cream is divine~ you should get one for yourself if not for your mum!)

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Nama Chocolate (Japanese truffles!)

These Nama Chocolates are absolutely delicious! I’ve used the recipe from Just One Cookbook|Nama Chocolate written by Nami and they are fairly simple to make (mistakes take some time to fix though! But more on that later) – similar in texture to French truffles but I believe less difficult to make! My last attempt at truffles was not the easiest one (I had a list of ingredients, instructions and mistakes!). [clear]

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Glass Float DIY

It’s the last day of holidays and as it is such, I will not have  a lot of time to continue my DIY projects and post them up =[ so for my last project (for awhile) that I’ll be showing you guys is how to create a decoration more widely known as “Glass Floats” or “Fishing Floats”. Basically it’s a glass ball (sealed) with netting around it. In the olden days they were used to keep fishing nets floating but now everyone uses plastic buoys so they are no longer in production (apart from replicas). Old glass floats can be (on occasion) found along the beach where they have been washed up – but these days they’re a collector’s item with each glass float able to fetch $50 to over $500 depending on size, glass condition, colour, etc.

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Holiday stamped cookies

It is fairly past the season and such but I bought this set of cookie stamps from Williams Sonoma on the post-Christmas sale for ten bucks! tried it out the other day and boy – jet lag hits like a bitch on the third day. I was up at 8 baking these cookies and by 4PM i was pooped out. Passed out by 7PM and slept through until the next day 6.30AM! That aside, the cookie stamps came in a set of three, one snow flake, a gift tag and a holiday wreath.


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Felted mushrooms

Recently my boyfriend and I went to NY to visit his family and we went by a shop that was selling these really cute felted mushrooms! He wanted to fill his office up with like 40 of these and considering each was about $20-$40 we figured it might be worth a shot to make some ourselves. Bought the felting material and needle from ebay (total about $22 for 2 pounds of material and one felting tool) and started as soon as they arrived in the mail! (about 5 days waiting)

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