DIY Ikea wall light Hack

So from my previous Ikea Hack post you should know that as a condition of renting, we aren’t allowed to drill/stick/glue anything onto the walls or ceilings. The ceiling light in the bathroom was woefully inadequate so to get around that, I had decided to use the two remaining stugvik suction hooks from my previous hack to put in a wall light into the bathroom. This hack will require some electrical knowledge so please for the love of all that is good and holy, don’t attempt this hack unless you know what you’re doing! Also, you will assume all responsibility and liability if you do attempt this hack!
On to the DIY! Instructions will be in the pictures so click on them to enlarge!

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DIY: Brown sugar and honey lip scrub

As of late my lips have been getting chapped (thanks winter) and even though I’ve been religiously applying lip balms, I’m finding that it’s just not doing the job when there’re still pieces of dried skin hanging off my lips. Enter this DIY! I saw this on Honestly WTF ages ago and never really got around to doing it until now! This lip scrub is epic – plus, it was so cheap! I really recommend you try doing this if you’re on the look out for a lip scrub. I’ve made some changes to the original so read on for the recipe!

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Sweet tea for your sweet pea~ Valentines DIY gift

[frame]Warning: Lonnnngggg post with lots of pics![/frame]

Today I bring you a DIY gift you can present to your loved ones for Valentines day! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a DIY post so I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Normally I don’t do anything for Valentine’s day but it seems to be a day my boyfriend celebrates and for the last two years he has gotten me cards for valentines so I figured I might as well be prepared and actually make something!
Initially I was just planning to make him some personalised tea bag wrappers (by Ez from Creature Comforts) but I found this origami heart love note (by Amy from Eat, Drink, Chic) and thought it was just too cute not to make! Instead of printing out the hearts from Creature Comforts, I folded a few from old ECG paperThis paper was from an old project that I did a year back – yay for recycling! Plus I just love the little pun (my heart beats for you – get it?) but I think I’m the only one to get it… and attached it to the ends of the string on the tea bags.
I’ll break this DIY into 3 sections; 1 – Folded heart tag, 2 – Personalised tea sachet, 3 – Tea bag dispenser. To make everything in one sitting will take about a day (especially if you end up having to battle the printer over a paper jam like I did!), the most time consuming part would be making the personalised tea sachet simply due to the fact that I had hand sewn all the sachets.

IMG_8732T2 Tea
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Gold nail tips with eyeshadow

Exactly as the title – I figured out another way to use eyeshadow! Dusting/tapping eyeshadow onto semi-wet nail polish to achieve a shimmer effect. I know you can mix clear nail polish with eyeshadow to make a nail polish with the colour you want but this is different in that you don’t mix in anything. Just tap or dust on loose powder to the tips of nude nails, cover with topcoat and that’s it! I’ve put in two pictures of the nails just in case it was difficult to see the effect in one or the other.

Gold tips

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Twisted weave – variation of the regular curb link weave

Yesterday I shared with you guys the quarter weave and today it’ll be the twisted weave! I came up with this while playing with the weaving so I’ve just named it the twisted weave because the threads are only woven around one side in the same direction. It is a simpler weave with huge potential to be transformed into any pattern which is why I really like this weave. On to the DIY!

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woven curb link bracelet

As mentioned on the facebook page about a month ago, I said I wanted to make this woven chain bracelet as posted by Honestly WTF. Ordering the curb link bracelet wasn’t too hard on ebay and it arrived in about two weeks (which is amazingly fast for shipping to Australia)! Picked it up today and started this project. I have changed the DIY a bit as I’ve made a half woven bracelet as opposed to the fully woven one on Honestly WTF.

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An inspired bracelet

In my last post I mentioned I wanted to make something like the Mimco trash and treasure bracelet and here it is! Decided to make this today since my beads arrived (from ebay) and well, it was a good distraction from studying Cancer Pathology >.<

It isn’t as edgy as the Mimco one but I feel that it suits my look much better. It has cost me a total of $16.14 so I definitely made it under the budget of $30! I finished it within an afternoon so it really is a nice little project to embark on if you’ve got to make something for a friend’s birthday or just something nice for yourself. On to the DIY!Read More »

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