Review: Hourglass Ambient lighting powder and blush

I received these for my birthday a few months ago and it has just taken me forever and a half to finally put out this review. I had never really heard much about Hourglass but after reading Tine’s post on a model’s prefer dupe of Hourglass’s Mood Light I knew I had to try the model’s prefer version. After all, $66 is quite a bit to plonk down on a finishing powder without really knowing what it actually does. Intrigued I bought the model’s prefer dupe in photo ready (which, was the dupe for Mood Light) and while the powder was hard and talc scented, on application it looked fabulous. Of course it wore off in a few hours and the effect was gone but I now know what I am missing out on and it just made me desire the Hourglass Mood Light ambient powder even more.

I pined for this – you don’t understand how much. I would go into Mecca and swatch all the powders and admire the luxe packaging which was so unlike the cheap plastic feel of the Model’s prefer dupe version. Let me put this out there – there is nothing wrong with using and purchasing a dupe, in fact I whole heartedly encourage you to purchase dupes of your most lusted after products to see if you truly love it enough to splash out hard earned money on the luxe version.

So many times I wanted to buy it but it was always frustratingly out of stock. In the end I asked my friends (bless their souls) to get these for my birthday.
Anyway, that was the short version of how I came to know of this and came to fall deeply in love with it. On to the review!
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The Starting Off Project: Blush

Like I mentioned in my intro post to the starting off project series, I’ll only be participating in certain weeks and this week is all about blush! I know there are many different types of blushes ranging from powder, cream and liquid but for today’s post on blush I’ll be focusing on liquid blushers.
I prefer liquid blushes over powder or cream simply because it gives a more natural glow that is hard to do with powder or cream blushes. Which ever type of blush you pick, it is important to be able to apply it correctly and well. In this post I’ll be sharing with you a technique to apply liquid (or cream) blush without having to use your fingers and it will look more natural simply because it’s easier to blend with a brush. I learnt this technique from Paris of My Women stuff and the original post can be found here.

This is a pretty easy technique and all you need is your liquid blush and a blush brush.


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