Review: Antipodes Divine face oil & Vanilla pod cream

A while ago Priceline had a 40% off all skincare sale on and based on a friend’s recommendation, I picked this Antipodes mini set to try out their products. Best thing was it had only cost me $12! It is a limited edition set but there seemed to be a lot of stock when I was there last (a week ago?) and they are still selling these minis at Priceline. Antipodes is a New Zealand brand but I believe they are available world wide at any good department store. Their main selling point seems to be that they use organic products and that their products have been scientifically tested. Even though they did get an independent test done with fibroblast cells, I honestly would take ‘scientifically tested’ with a grain of salt. I mean applying the product to live cells and applying it to your face is very different.
But anyway, this isn’t a scientific blog! It’s a beauty/lifestyle blog, so on to more interesting things!
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How do you… Tone?

Today’s post is a little short especially since Uni has started again and work is just swamping me =[ but this has been a pertinent question on my mind for awhile now!
I’m curious about this as I’ve never used a toner before now and it’s only just recently that I bought the Benton BHA aloe toner (review to come soon! I’ve been using for almost a month) and since it came in a spray bottle I started using it by spraying it right on and just patting in the toner.
After awhile I tried spraying the toner right onto a cotton pad and wipe my face with the cotton pad since the spray bottle is quite brutal (droplets would come out instead of a fine mist T_T). I’ve found that I do prefer this method of application mostly because the cotton pad actually removes any fibers that my face towel left on my face and it feels more refreshing compared to if I sprayed it right on and patted the toner on.

I do have a bizzare concern that I might be making myself prematurely winkle since I tend to pull a little bit on my skin as I use the cotton pad! Any suggestions on minimising pulling?

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