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I hope everyone has been well and I have to admit I haven’t been posting on here as frequently as I have hoped to just because Uni is getting insane (fun fact: I should be working on my data right now instead of this post!). This is just to let anyone who (still) reads my blog that I’m still alive and I will still be posting even if it means I’ll only be posting once or twice a month instead of once a week like I wanted to.

I am more active on my Instagram account so if you’re interested please do follow me on there as I will update that more often than my blog. I also use Instagram to post quick reviews and first impressions!

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Things I wish I knew when I was 18

I’ve been doing some thinking and there have been several things I wished I knew when I was 18. Things relating to makeup and skincare that I had no clue about and basically messed around a little bit too much with my face, resulting in pimples and closed comedones galore. I’d like to share these things with you, and if you would be so kind, I’d also love to hear about the things you wished you knew when you were 18!

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Wet weather ruins most things

Recent weather has basically wrecked all my photo ops and as we all know, no photos, no review! I love the rain as much as the next person (sleep ins, hot chocolate, warm clothes, etc, etc) but when things need to be done with fine weather, it just doesn’t get done (ie: laundry and photos). Here are some photos of my backyard to compensate for no reviews. Like I said, wet weather ruins most things.
Other wise, I hope everyone is having a good week! It’s Wednesday and half the working week is over! Weekend here I come~

Wet weather

Wet weather2

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Valentine’s day is nearing!

I know its really something like two weeks away but it never hurts to get into the excitement early! I had some time on my hands so I ended up doing a newspaper print NOTD for valentine’s day – it’s not the neatest newspaper print I’ve done but I think it came out nicely. Maybe for the real day I’ll just have ‘LOVE’ on my fourth finger and leave the other fingers without any print. Speaking of being prepared, I’ve already bought the Boyfriend his Valentine’s day card! I just need to think up something witty, sentimental and funny to write in it now…Valentines day_notdRead More »

Holiday Giveaway!

It is almost the most wonderful time of the year and what better way to finish it off than to have a giveaway?! It has been a long year for me, finally finishing my course work for my undergraduate degree with all the associated pain and stress and it has also been an amazing beauty blogging year! I haven’t been blogging long but I’m so happy that I have my few regular readers!

I hope everyone has had a good year this year and as we wrap up for the year, I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!
On to the main reason for this post: The Giveaway!

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Still not dead

Just a short update on my blog! It’s been three weeks since my last post and I’ve missed blogging so much! Uni work is just piling up like crazy and I’ve got my finals in a month so everything has just been ignored in favour of good grades =[ I’ve been studying so much and reading my textbook so much that I’ve actually found an error in Gray’s Anatomy for Students! It was an achievement unlocked moment for me haha – picture for proof!


There are so many things I need to get around to reviewing but nothing is going to get done until I finish my final exams and it won’t be until late November that I’ll be done. So for now just expect things to be ghost town quiet around here. I’ve recently bough a few nail polishes that I’m so excited to show you all and I’ve started to get into really trying different sunscreens so I can throw in my two cents regarding those soon too!

I hope you are well and I’ll see you all soon!

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Blog on hiatus while Uni ruins my life

You might have noticed my absence and lack of posts this last week and just simply, uni has just taken over. I will resume regular posting in two weeks and I hope (fingers crossed) I will manage to put up my next starting off project post in two weeks. The regular mid-semester break I get to prepare and study for mid-sem exams are unfortunately placed very late in the semester (after week 9 in a 12 week semester schedule) and everyone is still adamant on having their assessments within weeks 5-7 so here we are – two assessments a week for 3 to 4 weeks consecutively.

Loving uni lyfe.

Enough of my depressing ‘uni is ruining my life’ story – here are some pictures of things I’ll be reviewing!

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NOTD: Cobalt, gray and chrome

Even though it’s officially spring I decided to break out my blue shimmer and neutral grey for this week just to keep things classy. It’s been a crazy week and I’m glad I’ve got this mani to remind myself to keep my head above water. The nail polishes I’ve used in this mani are: No Place Like Chrome – Essie, Gunppang Gray – Skin Food and Cobalt – Nail it! Sportsgirl. Since I’ve reviewed the Essie and Skin Food nail polishes, I’ll be including a short review on Cobalt by Nail it! from Sportsgirl.


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How do you… Tone?

Today’s post is a little short especially since Uni has started again and work is just swamping me =[ but this has been a pertinent question on my mind for awhile now!
I’m curious about this as I’ve never used a toner before now and it’s only just recently that I bought the Benton BHA aloe toner (review to come soon! I’ve been using for almost a month) and since it came in a spray bottle I started using it by spraying it right on and just patting in the toner.
After awhile I tried spraying the toner right onto a cotton pad and wipe my face with the cotton pad since the spray bottle is quite brutal (droplets would come out instead of a fine mist T_T). I’ve found that I do prefer this method of application mostly because the cotton pad actually removes any fibers that my face towel left on my face and it feels more refreshing compared to if I sprayed it right on and patted the toner on.

I do have a bizzare concern that I might be making myself prematurely winkle since I tend to pull a little bit on my skin as I use the cotton pad! Any suggestions on minimising pulling?

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