Playful flocked mani

Flocked nails is definitely one of the more fun things I’ve tried with my nail polish and I think it could become a permanent fixture when I do manicures for the weekends! It’s so easy to apply and when it’s dried it feels so nice~
I had originally only intended to leave my nails matte, but the flocking I received was too bright so I had to add some accents with a similar nail polish colour so it didn’t look so out of place.

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Minnie & Mickey mani

I’m going to a themed Disney party this week and decided that themed nails should work as I’m not big on going all out and dressing up. I googled around for some ideas and settled on this common variation where you paint the top one-third of your nail red and polka-dot it with white to represent Minnie’s dress and a little black bow on the edge of it. Most people did it on both hands but I’m horrible at painting with my left (non-dominant) hand so I settled for Mickey on my right hand (anyway, Minnie is never without Mickey!) – even so if you look closely you can see that my right hand fared worse with Mickey’s ears a little wonky (plus some of the polish wrinkled when I went to shower without letting it totally dry – oops >.< ).

It’s a pretty straight forward mani that just requires patience and a steady hand.which I sadly lack, and to this day get ribbed about by my friends (long story short, I always fail at taking photos without shaking)

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Twisted weave – variation of the regular curb link weave

Yesterday I shared with you guys the quarter weave and today it’ll be the twisted weave! I came up with this while playing with the weaving so I’ve just named it the twisted weave because the threads are only woven around one side in the same direction. It is a simpler weave with huge potential to be transformed into any pattern which is why I really like this weave. On to the DIY!

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woven curb link bracelet

As mentioned on the facebook page about a month ago, I said I wanted to make this woven chain bracelet as posted by Honestly WTF. Ordering the curb link bracelet wasn’t too hard on ebay and it arrived in about two weeks (which is amazingly fast for shipping to Australia)! Picked it up today and started this project. I have changed the DIY a bit as I’ve made a half woven bracelet as opposed to the fully woven one on Honestly WTF.

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An inspired bracelet

In my last post I mentioned I wanted to make something like the Mimco trash and treasure bracelet and here it is! Decided to make this today since my beads arrived (from ebay) and well, it was a good distraction from studying Cancer Pathology >.<

It isn’t as edgy as the Mimco one but I feel that it suits my look much better. It has cost me a total of $16.14 so I definitely made it under the budget of $30! I finished it within an afternoon so it really is a nice little project to embark on if you’ve got to make something for a friend’s birthday or just something nice for yourself. On to the DIY!Read More »

Lamenting over impending doom and pretty things

Can’t wait till the end of semester (and exams) so I can do everything that makes life worth living! Baking, cooking, crafting, blogging on all the back logged projects, reading, writing an essay for next semester’s class, spending absurd amounts of time with my boyfriend – you know things like that!

[clear] I’ve actually been lusting over this bracelet by Mimco but rather than buying it like any normal person I’m going to try and make something like it for thirty dollars or less (wish me luck!)

On a different note, I’ve been really attracted to pearl cluster bracelets for a while now and the J-crew one look so fresh and bright~
If I manage to make a memory coil bracelet I’ll try making the clustered one next!

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