*Review: Natura Siberica – Body butter and scrub

A few months back in October I attended a bloggers networking event in Sydney run by the lovely ladies over at BloggersUnitedAu. There we had the opportunity to talk to and find out more about different participating brands. One such brand was Natura Siberica which, had just recently been launched in Australia.

Everyone received a different product from the Natura Siberica line up in the massive goodie bag that was given out to all attendees and I received the Oblepikha Siberica body butter and scrub in mine. The Natura Siberica range is currently available at Chemist Warehouse ranging in price from $12.99 to $24.99 – so all in all, a pretty affordable body and hair care range.
But before I get away with myself, I have to be honest and say that I don’t love the body butter and scrub. In general the body butter and scrub are ok but there are a few issues to raise in the review.

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Natura Siberica_table

Natura Siberica_display
Basically: It’s pretty self explanatory, the body scrub is to be used in the shower and the body butter right after your shower/bath. Both products come housed in a pretty tub with a light teal coloured lid and they also come with an inner plastic lid to seal in the product. This is particularly useful for the body scrub as it has viscous runny texture and is therefore prone to leaking everywhere.

Natura Siberica_butter+scrub

The Good Stuff: The body butter and scrub does their job as described – moisturises and exfoliates. They also smell quite lovely (flowery and honeyed) albeit rather strongly and does perfume skin (in particular the body scrub). The inner plastic lid – as mentioned above, is a good design implementation to stop leakage. The body scrub has fine exfoliating pieces that isn’t too abrasive on body skin but I would not use this anywhere near sensitive skin such as on your face, inner thighs and underarms.


Natura Siberica_scrub
Body Scrub
Natura Siberica_butter
Body Butter

As you can see, the body butter has a margarine like texture while the body scrub is thick and viscous. Application of the body butter is interesting as the product actually is clotted until you warm it up with your hands and rub it in. The body scrub is easily applied in the shower and washes away cleanly without residue.

Issues: I’ll split this up into two sections for clarity.
Body Butter
On application it remains quite oily to the touch and even after really rubbing it in and letting it sit the body butter just seems to sit atop of my skin like an occlusive. It gets annoying at bed time when my legs keep getting stuck to my sheets due to the oily texture on my legs. Also, the scent may or may not be appreciated. I didn’t mind it although I did think it was actually quite strong – my boyfriend on the other hand is a different story. He could smell it the moment I opened the tub and was not incredibly pleased with the fact that the scent was so strong and sweet. The scent also stays and does not fade with elegance, it’s just there and won’t leave.
Ingredient wise, it’s not the most amazing I’ve seen. Below is the Cosdna analysis.
body butter
This is not something you should use if you are sensitive to fatty alcohols.

Body Scrub
The scent is as strong as the body butter so if strong scents are an issue for you this will probably not be ideal. The tub packaging while functional for the body butter makes it a little difficult to use in the shower. Just having to remove the lid and the inner plastic lid while in the shower is an interesting ordeal.
Ingredients wise it is also not the best and is also not ideal for those with fatty acid sensitivity.
body scrub

In a Nutshell:

Body butter and scrub does an average job but overall small issues reduces their appeal

Love: Smells good (but may be negative), does the job as described, inner plastic lid prevents spillage and exfoliating pieces in the scrub is fine enough for the body.
Do not love: Scent is very strong, exfoliating pieces in the scrub is too coarse for sensitive skin, body butter is too oily (and remains that way), tub packaging of the scrub is not ideal for shower operation even though that is where you’re meant to use it and the ingredients of both butter and scrub excludes those with a fatty alcohol sensitivity.
Recommended? For the price, it is not a bad Christmas gift for that co-worker you kind of like but don’t know very well.
I rate it: 2.5/5 There were just too many little things that made these two products just not work for me

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