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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’ve been away due to a combination of finishing off work to make it in time for my trip to the US to visit some family and celebrate Thanksgiving.

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But enough of that! I was kindly sent a set of hair extensions from Irresistible me and today I bring you a review on Irresistible Me Royal Remy Hair extensions. I’ve never actually tried hair extensions before so this was an interesting experience but the short version is: I like it but only for specific applications due to my personal hair thickness and length.

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Basically: There are several different kinds of clip in hair extensions that are sold and I was sent the Royal Remy extension set. This is the premium set as the thickness of each weft is the same from top to bottom.
The hair extensions are packaged in a hair net, sent in a sealed packet which is packaged in a durable box. A ‘sample’ set is sealed in the smaller sealed packet and it is this piece that you can check for any defects or problems before opening the main packet. This is important as you cannot return or refund the extensions if you open the main packet first.


I received the longest length available (24 inches) in Chocolate brown and it comes with a large four clipped weft, two single clipped wefts, five double clipped wefts and two triple clipped wefts. In all honesty, the wefts were really quite thick and while I didn’t need to put in all the pieces I did end up putting most of the wefts in.


My hair is by no means short and I’ve been told by multiple hair stylists that I have particularly thick hair. This has become more apparent to me after using these extensions. For the appearance of longer hair (with appropriate thickness at the ends) I have to use the four clipped weft, two of the triple clipped wefts, two of the double clipped wefts and two of the single clipped weft. The result is longer, really thick hair and as you can imagine, a load of clips in my hair. I also had to double up the two clipped wefts onto the three clipped wefts to make the ends thicker to match the thickness of my hair at the top.

The Good Stuff: I can’t speak of the other types of clip in extensions offered but the Royal Remy set feels great. The hairs face the same direction so that it feels like it is your own hair, fly aways are minimal and the clips are firm and secure. The colour I picked was well matched to my natural hair colour and styling the extensions is simple enough. The extensions are quite thick and they clip in firmly.
There are several different hair colours available and if you have dyed your hair a different colour it is possible to work with their customer service team to get a set that matches with your hair. Customer service is great with prompt response and there is free delivery over $150 worldwide and free returns (within the US). If for any reason the extensions are not eligible for exchange or refund you can either choose to donate it to American Cancer Society or have it sent back to you.

Issues: The extensions while quite thick and generally maintains the thickness along the length, do thin out right at the tips and I was advised by a friend who wears extensions regularly that it is usually necessary to trim the tips. I haven’t done this but I can see how the ends would look neater with a trim. As my hair is also quite thick it is necessary to layer the extension clips on top of each other so that the extensions look thick enough to match my hair. You may not have this problem, my friend doesn’t have this issue but it is worth noting if you have thicker hair.

Tips: In general, I recommend going up a few inches from what you think is necessary to give some leeway so it’ll still match well with natural hair growth as well as maintain the length if you do opt to trim the ends a little.

Due to my thicker hair, I prefer to use the extensions as part of a style instead of just leaving it as is. In the picture below I only used one triple clipped weft, one double clipped weft and three of the single clipped wefts. This gives me the length that I really want but without the bulk of putting in a full set. I plaited it simply and tied it off where my real hair ended to leave the extensions tailing to give the appearance of longer hair.


In a Nutshell:

Thick clip in hair extensions that gives me instantly longer hair!

Love: These hair extensions are thick, easy to clip in, smooth with minimal fly aways and with a variety of colours available finding a match to your natural hair colour is easy. Customer service is prompt with response and with a variety of different clip in hair extensions available, there is something for everyone!
Do not love: The tips do thin out but it is easily fixed with a trim and just personally due to my hair thickness I’ve had to double up the wefts to maintain the right thickness past my natural hair length.
Recommended? I definitely recommend them!
I rate it: 4/5 My hair is not short but I usually never have it long enough to style so using these extensions are a great way to cheat!

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