Review: Hourglass Ambient lighting powder and blush

I received these for my birthday a few months ago and it has just taken me forever and a half to finally put out this review. I had never really heard much about Hourglass but after reading Tine’s post on a model’s prefer dupe of Hourglass’s Mood Light I knew I had to try the model’s prefer version. After all, $66 is quite a bit to plonk down on a finishing powder without really knowing what it actually does. Intrigued I bought the model’s prefer dupe in photo ready (which, was the dupe for Mood Light) and while the powder was hard and talc scented, on application it looked fabulous. Of course it wore off in a few hours and the effect was gone but I now know what I am missing out on and it just made me desire the Hourglass Mood Light ambient powder even more.

I pined for this – you don’t understand how much. I would go into Mecca and swatch all the powders and admire the luxe packaging which was so unlike the cheap plastic feel of the Model’s prefer dupe version. Let me put this out there – there is nothing wrong with using and purchasing a dupe, in fact I whole heartedly encourage you to purchase dupes of your most lusted after products to see if you truly love it enough to splash out hard earned money on the luxe version.

So many times I wanted to buy it but it was always frustratingly out of stock. In the end I asked my friends (bless their souls) to get these for my birthday.
Anyway, that was the short version of how I came to know of this and came to fall deeply in love with it. On to the review!
Hourglass_Ambient powders

Basically: The Ambient lighting powder is a finishing powder you apply over foundation as a last step in your makeup routine while the Ambient blush is well – a blush. They come housed in a very shiny (and smudge prone) plastic case with heft to it so it does not feel cheap or plasticky at all.

The Good stuff: I’ll break this up into two sections, one for the finishing powder and another for the blush.

Ambient lighting powder – Mood Light
Hourglass_Ambient powders_Mood-light
This is the finishing powder and it is meant to give your skin a healthy glow as if from within. Have you seen how Arwen glows? Basically this is a cheat to having Elven skin. The powder is buttery smooth and leaves a definite glow after application without having hinted at it’s cosmetic origins. To the untrained eye (ie: your boyfriend/brother/unobservant individual) you will look luminescent. The longevity of the powder is impressive, I have worn this for a good 8 hours without any fading and while I do look shiner after that long, it still maintains a good glow.

It glows
Dat Glow tho.

This particular shade in the lighting powder range leans slightly mauve pink which really helps cancel out the yellow undertones in my skin that can sometimes make me look sallow especially when paired with my foundation which is also similarly yellow toned (or I would have two tone face syndrome which, by anyone’s standard is not attractive). There are several other shades that would compliment a range of skin colours and tones so I definitely encourage you to check it out in store.

Ambient lighting poweder Blush – Luminous FlushHourglass_Ambient powders_Luminous-Flush
There are many shades available in the blush range but I ended up picking this as it was the only one to give me a natural flush (hehe. As per the name) as though I had been walking for hours without exertion or sweating – very much like how Elizabeth looks after walking while reading. For Hours.

I too have RBF but am lacking that healthy flush I can only get by walking in the woods for hours.

Like the Ambient powder, the blush is similarly buttery and smooth to apply. Pigmentation is great so you definitely will not need a heavy hand if you are using it with a natural hair brush but when using a synthetic brush I tend to use a bit more as the synthetic bristles don’t pick up powder (pressed or loose) very well.

Swatches: Right – Mood Light Left – Luminous Flush
Hourglass_Ambient powders_swatch
This was after about 6 hours of wear after the Bloggers United AU networking event. I’m slightly shiner than when I started the day but the blush is firmly on and the glowing attributes of Mood Light is still present.

A photo posted by Sam (@the_curiousbear) on

Issues: I have no problem to report here other than that the packaging size may be annoying to travel with. That’s it.

In a Nutshell:

It glows.

Love: The powders are smooth and buttery, housed in luxurious packaging, makes me glow like Arwen and blush like Elizabeth.
Do not love: Packaging may be travel unfriendly and attracts smudges like nobody’s business.
Recommended? Yes! Unless of course you can afford Guerlain’s Meteorites – to which, the Hourglass Ambient powders have been noted to be a similar product for a lower price!
I rate it: 5/5 Holy Grail has been found. Good thing too – this thing will last me forever.

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  • Maya y

    I have heard so much about this brand, but never tried it. It’s not available in Europe at least not everywhere. I like how it looks on your skin, gives you a nice glow. Have you tried the guerlain metereorites, how do they compare. ?


    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      I’ve always wanted to try the Guerlain Meteorites but never had the money for it haha also they have so many different versions that I’m constantly confused about which one to try. So no I haven’t tried the Meteorites so I can’t compare but I’ve read on other blogs that they are similar.
      It might be available at Sephora in Europe? I’m not sure about availability because it has only been recently that Hourglass became available in Australia!