Review: Missha Closing Cover Liquid Concealer no.23

I had recently run out of my usual The Face Shop Concealer and when I went onto the newly revamped RRS website, I was gutted to find out that they weren’t selling it anymore. In my sadness I ended up not buying any concealers but after seeing a post by Ryan showing the new Missha concealer I decided to give it a try since RRS was carrying the new range. For a few dollars (less than $5USD I believe) I decided that it wasn’t too pricey to try blind.

Missha_Closing cover_tube

Basically: It’s a liquid concealer that comes in two shades, #21 and #23. I picked #23 because I wasn’t sure if #21 was too light but overall I don’t think it would’ve made too much of a difference. There is quite a lot of product in the tube (20ml) and you only ever need a little bit at a time so this will last me a while.

The Good Stuff: Unlike The Face Shop’s concealer, this definitely has medium to high coverage. It is quite thick but still blends easily. The volume of product in the tube as mentioned above is a lot and will last a while which makes this particularly good value for money. There is no real scent to this which makes me happy as I’m not keen on fragrance in my makeup. Application is easy and does not look caked on when worn under my foundation.

Missha_Closing cover_opened

Missha_Closing cover_swatch1

Missha_Closing cover_swatch2

Missha_Closing cover_swatch3

You can see that without too much blending the concealer really does cover up the eyeliner. However, when fully blended it doesn’t have quite the same opacity.

Issues: I don’t have much to complain about this product. While it isn’t horrible, it also isn’t Unicorn Tears. Overall it is a solid product that does what it says on the box without any fanfare.

In a Nutshell:

Solid product that does everything it says without any fanfare.

Love: Good coverage (medium to heavy, depending on blending), no detectable fragrance, does not cake under foundation, cheap, good value for money.
Do not love: While there isn’t anything I directly dislike about this concealer, I cannot say I am gushing over this.
Recommended? Yes, it is still a good concealer even though it isn’t The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.
I rate it: 3.5/5 A good performing concealer and sometimes that is all you need.

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  • nonsonoquitter

    Definitely not bad for < $5. Thanks for the review!

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      Yup! I definitely think this was one of my better blind purchases so I can’t say I am unhappy with this haha