Review: Aromatica 95% Damask Rose Soothing Gel

I had first lain eyes on this beauty on Tracy’s (@fanserviced) Instagram account. It was cooling, had a clean ingredients list and most of all it was rose. As soon as I knew that I was sold and of course the only online retailer that sold it (Peach and Lily) would only ship it to me if I paid the same amount in shipping fees. So I did what any poor, kbeauty aficionado would do – I Googled the crap out of it. Turns out it’s sold on the Korean Aromatica website but no, they won’t ship to Australia – another crushing blow but salvation came from the most unlikely of places. Urban Outfitters.
That’s right, Urban Outfitters and they sold it at the same price that Peach and Lily was selling it for. At first I was incredulous but then I saw “Free Shipping to Australia and New Zealand on orders over $50”. At that moment I knew this was to be. I threw it into my cart along with a Rose clay mask from Fig+Yarrow and to make $50 I added in an Anastasia Dip Brow.
I’m going to be upfront. I love this. But why? You ask. Well read on to find out why!

Basically: It’s aloe vera gel but in rose form.

The Good stuff: It really is soothing and upon application very cooling (even without refrigeration). It doesn’t have a strong artificial scent of rose, but instead it smells like a bouquet of fresh roses – this is not even an exaggeration. I use this just to smell like fresh roses. The gel does not leave a sticky or filmy residue on my skin and it stays moist on my skin for awhile before it fully absorbs. Can someone say heaven? *Swoons* It is also very versatile as I have used it straight from the bottle as well as mixed into other lotions and creams all the way to using it as the liquid base for a dry clay mask. (spoiler: I use it with the Fig+Yarrow rose clay mask. The combined scent is incredible *double swoon*)

Swatches: Notice that the texture is gel-like and even rubbed in it retains it’s gel like texture.
Issues: I actually don’t have any complaints other than it’s difficult to get and literally only one online retailer will sell this to me without requesting an arm and a leg for shipping.

In a Nutshell:

A multifunction soothing gel that deserves more recognition!

Love: It is very soothing and cooling, does not leave a sticky/filmy residue, is very versatile, smells divine – like real fresh roses and is effective at keeping my skin moist.
Do not love: It’s difficult to obtain in Australia and only one online retailer sells it.
Recommended? Yes! I do think it has been underrated in the Kbeauty sphere.
I rate it: 4.5/5 I would’ve given it the elusive HG status but -0.5 for poor availability.

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  • angelanrenee

    OMG, rose gel + rose clay mask. <3 Do you feel the need to seal this in with a regular body lotion? I have a bottle of this coming my way. –Angela

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      I can’t use cream moisturisers so I just use this as an extra hydrating layer over my serum and toner. I can’t attest to it’s use on the body (pretty sure it’ll be great on burns/dry skin, etc) as I haven’t tried it out on my body yet but if you live in a dry climate you’ll probably want to use an extra lotion over it.
      I love the rose gel + rose clay mask combination so much! I have a review of the mask coming up next week and I can’t wait to post it!
      Thanks for leaving a comment ^_^!