Review: Nuxe – Reve De Miel Lip Balm

As Priceline recently had a 40% off skincare sale I obviously went down to replenish some staples (Bioderma and La Roche) but along the way (if you’re following my Instagram account you’ll know) I ended up picking up this Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip balm as well as the Trilogy toner mist (but that is for another post).
The main reason why I bought this was because a friend of mine uses it and said it was pretty good so I decided – why not? It’s on sale and is only $12 (as opposed to $20)
Spoiler alert: I do like it but it’s not ‘blow-your-socks-off’ amazing.


Basically: It’s an intensive lip balm for those peeling till you bleed days. It is thick and non-sticky to form a fairly good barrier on your lips to stop any more peeling or stinging when it comes in contact with food/drinks.

Good stuff: It applies smoothly and doesn’t wipe off easily. I’m a big lip chewer and this doesn’t come off very easily – so a big plus for me. It doesn’t have a very strong scent but there is a light herbal(?) citrus scent which isn’t too offensive. The tub is made from a pretty (and hefty) frosted glass which does make it look more luxe and because I bought the 20th anniversary version mine came with a pink cap (instead of the usual white one). The balm is quite creamy and even though mine has small grainy bits (I believe the graininess of my particular tub is from variations in batch/temperature stored/temperature transported) I do not think it affects it’s function in anyway as upon application, the graininess goes away.


Issues: Even though the tub is pretty, it is still quite heavy and makes it less portable. In addition, the fact that it’s in a tub may put many off (I know I wasn’t too keen on this packaging until my friend told me it was a good lip balm). The graininess while I have forgiven, is not usual and if you care about things like this you should exchange your product if you notice that the surface is not smooth when you open it. The lip balm as I have mentioned is very good at forming a protective barrier, it is not however, very moisturising – that is to be expected as it functions as an occlusive but is still something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a moisturising lip balm.

In a Nutshell:

A good lip balm that has longevity but is packaged in a slightly inconvenient form.

Love: Long wearing, smooth to apply, forms a good barrier on my lips to protect it and packaging has heft and feels luxe.
Do not love: Heavy tub makes it less portable, variations in batches can mean you get a slightly grainy one and not very moisturising.
Recommended? Yes, if you’re going somewhere dry and you need a thick protective barrier against the dry air or if you have badly flaking lips and need something to soothe your lips while they heal.
I rate it: 4/5 While not amazing, it performs well as a occlusive and has good longevity.

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  • Teti

    This costs $20, omg!? I can get it for 7€ in France. I’ve been wondering about it since all the bloggers are saying it’s amazing but I have soooo many lip balms in stock so I haven’t bought it yet. I love lip balms in a tin or a jar, my personal favorite are the Figs & Rouge lip balms which are a bit cheaper here and they still do an amazing job.

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      Haha I know it’s so ridiculously expensive here! All the French brands sold here is at an insane markup and I really try not to buy anything unless it’s on a sale.
      This particular lip balm isn’t too bad but I don’t think you should rush out to buy it if you already have something that you like to use!