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In a time where watches are mostly ignored in favour of the phone or simply relegated to the corner of ‘inheritable’ time pieces where the starting price of one may make your eyes water, Jord makes watches that are both desirable and affordable.
Jord was kind enough to send me one of their unique wood watches to review and I chose ‘Ely‘ in maple. After trying it out for a few weeks I can safely say that I absolutely love it and everywhere I go with it everyone just can’t help but stop me and say “is that watch made of wood?!”.

Aside from my gushing, read on to find out more about the watch!



Basically: It is a watch entirely constructed of wood (with the exception of the watch mechanism and time hands). The watch comes in a beautiful wooden box with the Jord logo laser cut into the lid. When I opened the package I was really wow’ed – the presentation is great and the packaging has an impact. The wow-factor doesn’t just end at the box though as the watch itself is pretty amazing as well.


The Good stuff: The watch is finished in fine detail and even the back of the watch has been cut to show the Jord logo as well as it’s place of manufacture and design. Each link is well made and nothing ‘sticks’ so the links move fluidly and conform easily to the shape of your wrist. The wood is finished well with no burrs or unpolished surface to catch on your skin or clothes. As it is made of wood, the watch is not heavy nor does it feel cold to the touch when it is worn. The watch also does not suffer from ‘sweaty wrist’ (very prominent in metal watches in the summer) as the wood allows moisture to dry under the band. Ely comes in four colours (maple, cherry, black and natural green and maple) and other models come in different colours as well.
Due to the natural variation in wood, each piece is truly unique from each other and as a result colour may vary slightly from piece to piece but doesn’t detract from the overall product. The smallest watch face available is 37mm across (only the Ely and Cora models have the smallest watch face with the other women’s watches going up to 49mm across) and though I have a small wrist it is appropriately sized for my wrist and does not feel too large.

As I had mentioned before, this product definitely imparts a wow-impact and as such makes for a great gift! From the packaging to the watch, nothing is lacking and it is sure to make even the fussiest gift recipient happy. My mum saw me wear the watch to dinner last week and was quick to enquire if she may have it! I was too attached to let her have it (even though I love her!) but I will definitely be looking into buying one for her birthday!

I assume the men’s watches are of the same build and quality but I cannot comment on the sizing.


Issues: There aren’t really any huge flaws with the watch but it is good to note that the watch is only water splash resistant. It is not water proof and as such it cannot be immersed in any body of water. The wood will ding slightly with hard knocks (especially against a hard edged object like the edge of a desk) but I expected this with a natural material. It is definitely not a rugged watch but will hold up well against regular wear (to the office, for shopping etc as opposed to wearing this to build a house).


It is going into winter here in Australia so to keep things less depressing (winter weather is so dreary) I prefer to pair the watch with lighter/pastel colours.

In a Nutshell:

Makes for a great gift and wears very comfortably as well as stylishly!

Love: Detailing and finishing is impeccable, wears comfortably (no ‘sweaty wrist’), is light, looks and feels amazing, is unique, well sized (even for my small wrist) and has a lasting impact on the receiver.
Do not love: There isn’t any huge flaws as I’ve pointed out above but it is important to note that the watch is only splash resistant and will slightly ding if knocked hard against a hard edged object). So be sure to treat your watch nicely!
Recommended? Yes! If you wear watches, definitely check these watches out and if you know someone who wears watches or loves anything unique (Father’s day is just around the corner!) this will most definitely be a good gift.
I rate it: 5/5

Find these watches over at Jord and view their range of women’s and men’s watches

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