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It’s been just about forever since my last post here but Uni is just crazily busy and somehow as a postgrad student even without anyone telling you what to do, there is always more to do. Well, as far as excuses go this one is fairly standard! But enough of that, today I bring you the Missha Magic Cushion review! This has gotten mixed reviews around the blogger-sphere, some like the cushion and some don’t – all in all, a very broad spectrum of opinions (also probably reviewed to DEATH) and today I’ll be throwing my lot in as well.

Read on for the full review!

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Basically: This is a DIY cushion case and unlike other types of cushion cases, it does not come with any BB/CC cream. This is a plus for me as I find it hard to find a good colour match without being able to test it in person. Out of the box you receive a case, a cushion and a cushion puff.

Missha_Magic cushion2

The inner casing that holds the cushion and the plastic ring to cover the sharp edges of the inner cases comes out of the case for easy filling.

Missha_Magic cushion3 Missha_Magic cushion4

Fill the inner casing to about a third full with your BB/CC cream/foundation. Place the cushion into the casing and add more foundation over the surface of the cushion. Spread with a clean Q-tip. I’m using my Bobbi Brown foundation as it has been colour matched to me and I haven’t been using it much just because I’ve been lazy with application.

Missha_Magic cushion5

Re-assemble everything and your cushion is complete.

The good stuff: As this is a DIY cushion, the foundation shade can be chosen from your current BB/CC cream stash or you can even custom mix shades with even skincare additives. Application with the cushion puff is in light layers and as such, it blends very well! The thin layers also evens out skin tone. The cushion case is not heavy at all, which may be attributed to the fact that the case is constructed in plastic. Though the case is constructed in plastic, it is made well and does not feel ‘cheap’. The cushion puff is also quite unique as it leaves a cooling sensation upon application.

Issues: As foundation is applied thinly, coverage can be problematic and if coverage is what you’re after this would probably not be something you’d want. Though the cushion case is light, it is still rather bulky and carrying it around with you may be difficult.

In a Nutshell:

Love: Customisable colour shade, light and thin layers for evening out skin tone, well built cushion case (doesn’t feel ‘cheap’) and cooling sensation upon application.
Do not love: The size of the cushion case is not appealing for carrying around and the light application of the cushion puff does not lend to a very heavy coverage.
Recommended? Yes! If you’re after a light application of your BB/CC cream/foundation.
I rate it: 4/5

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  • RebeccaBBird | HelloPrettyBird

    I quit blogging entirely when I was a student, so I admire your ability to stick with it. Anyway, I’m a fan of the whole DIY cushion thing because I almost always end up mixing my BB creams. Better to do it in a plastic case than in your hand!

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      Thanks! And yes, totally true! That way you will always have a consistently mixed batch of BB/CC cream!

  • Oz

    Have you by any chance tried applying it with a beauty blender? I mean instead of using the applicator that comes with the case, dabbing/patting the beauty blender on the cushion? So a double cushion action, if you will 🙂