*Review: Everyday Umbrella (Feat. Black Stripes!) + Discount?!

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This is a little deviation from my usual blog post but when Kerri of Beauty & Things offered Aussie bloggers a chance to try and review umbrellas that she and her husband sold and I was too excited to pass up the opportunity. For one, a few months before I knew she was running Everyday Umbrella, I already had an umbrella from her site pinned to my pinterest wishlist (this one). Sadly I am not going to review this umbrella as I had already purchased a mini umbrella from ASOS so I elected to give the full sized umbrellas a try. For this, I selected the full sized black stripes umbrella. The umbrella had even arrived the day before one of the raniest days in Sydney so I got to test it out in full rain conditions!
Read on for the full review plus a discount!

Basically… Full sized umbrellas are about 100cm wide (from spoke to spoke on the underside of the umbrella). The black stripes umbrella measures 102cm wide and 86cm tall. Personally, I’m pretty short (150cm) so I found holding the umbrella by the handles to be quite awkward. However, for me this is true for most if not all full sized umbrellas. The canopy of the umbrella curves down quite a bit to provide extra side protection from the rain. I had my friends pose with the umbrella so I can demonstrate the curvature of the canopy.


For comparison, I had them pose with a regular mini/foldable umbrella. You can see that the foldable umbrella does not have such a large curve to the sides and does not adequately protect more than one person at a time.


The Good Stuff… Everyday Umbrellas come in a large variety of styles, colours and designs to suit almost anyone! The umbrella is light weight for the size and feels secure even in strong winds. While the canopy won’t stop your legs from getting wet when it rains sideways, it does a decent job of keeping you dry from the waist up. Honestly though, nothing short of a full length raincoat and/or an umbrella with sides that go all the way to the ground will stop you from getting wet when it starts to rain sideways. The hand hold is also comfortably large and round enough for me to hook it onto my arm if I need my hands.
Everyday Umbrellas also carry a range of umbrellas suitable for weddings (they are so, so pretty) and is basically a necessity when having an outdoor wedding in a city (Melbourne, where Kerri and her husband live/run their business) with 4 seasons in one day!


Issues: Other than the fact that I’m short and the full sized umbrella feels a little large for me, I don’t think that there are any issues with the umbrella. The only thing I’d like to see is have the hand holds be rubberised or have a grippier hold. I did notice that the handle was prone to slipping a little while I was holding it up especially when I was holding it against the wind. This isn’t a make or break problem so I don’t think I’d consider it an ‘issue’. It is more of a possible improvement?


But what about the Discount?!
Glad you asked! From now until the 30th of June you can grab one (or many!) of these umbrellas at a 20% off discount with the code: sambear. Prices range from $25-$30, shipping is only within Australia (so sorry to all international readers!!) and costs $10 per-order (presumably, if you order more than one umbrella within the same order the shipping remains at $10). All orders will be tracked so you can be sure to receive your umbrellas as soon as possible!

In a Nutshell:

Love: There is a huge range of umbrellas to select from, shipping is a flat $10 anywhere in Australia (with tracking!) and the quality of the umbrella is good (doesn’t feel flimsy or heavy).
Do not love: Nothing! Maybe the handles could be grippier?
Recommended? Yes! I am yet to find a larger variety of umbrellas in one place that’s located locally with a good offering of sizes and designs other than Everyday Umbrella.
I rate it: 4.5/5

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  • http://www.cosmeticcupcake.com/ ‘chelle

    Kerri’s range of umbrellas are sooooo adorable!! I think I’m going to have to use your discount code sometime before June..

    • http://samthebear.com/blog/ Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      Please do! The umbrellas are too cute!

  • http://beautyandthings.com/ Kerri

    LOVE the post, thank you so much for posting about our umbrellas!!

    • http://samthebear.com/blog/ Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      It was my pleasure ^_^ Thanks for letting me try them!