Review: Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick #2 #10

I bought these lipsticks a while ago actually as I wanted a really glossy, moisturising lipstick. I had purchased these lipsticks from Jolse as they have a $3 sign-up bonus and I went with #2 Vanilla Pink and #10 Latte Brown.
Just by Googling this product I notice a lot of people have purchased #10 Latte Brown and I can see why! It is a very flattering nude shade and it has the MLBB (my lips but better) quality. I purchased #2 Vanilla Pink as well since I also wanted a pink shade that wasn’t too pale (and I needed a $20 minimum to use the $3 coupon).
Read on for the review!

Basically… These are very creamy lipsticks with good pigmentation and a glossy finish. They come in 10 different shades, ranging from natural to eye-popping and the twist up tube it comes in is sleek and classy. It may appear to be very plain at first but upon opening the cap, the twist up tube is in a rose-gold shade which compliments the matte white on the outside of the tube.

R: #2 Vanilla Pink L: #10 Latte Brown

The Good Stuff… Application is a dream, the lipsticks do not tug on the lips and the colour payoff is intense. One swipe over the lips is enough to achieve full colour coverage and even applied over a lip balm, the lipstick maintains its colour payoff. There are fine shimmers in the product but is not noticeable once applied (even in the tube you have to stare at it for a bit before the shimmer is noticeable). The shimmer is presumably to increase the appearance of a glossy lip and even though it appears quite glossy, the formulation is not sticky (praise the gods). Application is also no fuss and I have on occasion just applied it straight to my lips without a mirror as I’ve been treating it as a coloured lip balm.


R: #10 Latte Brown L: #2 Vanilla Pink

It isn’t as glossy or high-shine as the promo pictures suggest (I believe they also apply an extra layer of clear gloss over the product in the promo pictures) but it is glossier than my swatches appear (this is what happens when you take swatch pictures in the evening!)
I have been using #10 Latte Brown more frequently than #2 Vanilla Pink just because it is closer to my natural lip colour and I can get away with just applying it sloppily without it looking like I coloured outside of the lines. As it is close to my natural lip colour, when it fades the fading isn’t as obvious and I don’t need to rush to touch it up right away. This leads me on to my next point…

Issues: While the colour payoff is intense and the formula is moisturising and glossy, there is a drawback to this product. It fades very quickly and you can be sure that it is gone after a meal. I’m not sure how the darker colours fair in terms of fading but because I’ve picked such light/natural colours, I don’t notice the fading much and I don’t feel the urge to reapply all the time.

In a Nutshell:

Love: Good pigmentation, glossy finish (without being sticky), easy application, large range of colours and is very moisturising.
Do not love: The lipstick fades very quickly but as I’ve purchased natural shades, the fading doesn’t bother me much. I’m not sure how it would appear with darker shades though!
Recommended? Yes! If you’re in the market for a moisturising lipstick and you’re not fussed about reapplication, definitely give this product a try!
I rate it: 4/5 The fading is an issue but it is still an all round solid product.

What’s your go-to coloured lip balm?

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  • Charmaine

    yesh!!! I also love these lipsticks! I have colour #12 myself, I thought it was a sheer pink, but it turned out to be kinda orangey lol, but I don’t mind too much!
    xx Charmaine

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      That’s a bummer! I think the light pink shades are the ones at the start of the numbering scheme. Thanks for leaving a comment ^_^!