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Hey guys! It’s been a longgg silent month. Not sure if anyone still follows but a combination of family obligations and last minute work related tasks have really, really delayed all reviews. That said, I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas. Just waiting on the New Year to bring on 2015!
While waiting for said year to come in, I have here a brand new review! I was sent these nail polish strips from OMG Nail Strips and honestly, I’ve never been totally sold on nail strips. I’ve tried the Sally Hansen nail strips once and didn’t really like the effect it had but since the kind folks at OMG Nail Strips sent me these to try I decided to give nail strips another shot.
On to the review!



Basically… These act like nail decals except it’s for your whole nail and have often been called ‘instant’ manicures. Upsides to this is that you can often get intricate designs on your nails within a few minutes and they are supposed to last a week or more. Downsides? Well read on won’t you?

The Good Stuff… They come in a multitude of designs and patterns. I picked a rose pattern and a cute mixed pattern design which I just fell in love with when I saw them on OMGNailStrips. The nail strips are pretty sticky and I would almost go as far as to call them ‘nail stickers’. Due to the stickiness of the nail strips, a base coat is not necessary but I just used one anyway – just out of habit.

What they look like when applied
On my left hand
On my right hand
I’m not particularly good at applying these (you can see where the sticker slightly overlaps my cuticles) but all in all, does what it says on the bottle – instant manicure.

Issues: That being said, I do have a few gripes about these nail strips. First, the nail stickers are quite thick and gets uncomfortable near the cuticle as I can feel a distinct ridge when I run my fingers along the edge of my nails. Second, because it is so thick I find it chips almost immediately where it ends near the cuticle. Third, the ends of each individual nail strip are not pre-perforated like the kind you find on the Sally Hansen nail strips so, it is difficult to rotate the strip and use it on another nail – especially since my nails aren’t particularly long. Fourth, the nail strips bubble after the application of a clear top coat – not fast dry because I was concerned the fast dry formula may ‘melt’ the strips’. Fifth (and this is a minor complaint), rather than come separated and pre-cut, the nail strips require you to separate them by cutting along the base. And lastly, the edge wear and chipping near the cuticle drove me insane! Edge wear started a day after application (even though I ‘book end’ all my nails) and chipping started two days after application. This is what my right hand looked like after 3 days:

Edge wear:
Chipping on the index, fourth and last finger:

Being so particular with my nail polish, I took it off on the third day. Removal was fairly painless, I just soaked a cotton piece in nail polish remover, placed it over my nail and wrapped it in foil. A few minutes later I just pull off the cotton piece+foil contraption and any left over nail strip was removed with another piece of cotton soaked in nail polish remover. Bethany of Beauty Junkie (on a budget) reviewed these too and she just went ahead and peeled them off. Not an ideal method of removal but will work since these things are pretty thick and are pretty easy to pick off.

In a Nutshell:

Love: There are so many different patterns and designs to choose from and the allure of the ‘instant’ mani.
Do not love: Nail strips are too thick, chips quickly, bubbles when top coat is applied, ends are not perforated and is difficult to re-use for another nail, nail strips do not come pre-separated and edge wear was almost instant.
Recommended? Not really. I’d almost argue that Sally Hansen’s nail strips to be better overall if you were into nail strips.
I rate it: 2.5/5 It still works as stated but don’t expect too much.

Love or hate nail strips?

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  • http://yukitty.net/ Yuki

    Aww, these look so cute, though! It’s ashame they are so bad quality wise. 🙁

  • http://bynyght.blogspot.com/ Nyxie

    I’ve used nail strips before and the brand I used were Revlon and they weren’t too bad (it was my first experience with them if I am honest” but they weren’t that great. These however are really cute.Its a shame the top coat didn’t do anything for them. Maybe they could be used as pieces instead of using on the whole nail, like if you were to cute it up a little and half half nail polish and half nail sticker?

    • http://samthebear.com/blog/ Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      Yeah, it would probably be best to use them as stickers especially since these nail strips are so thick! I’m pretty sure if I used a patterned hole punch I could get some cute designs out of it!