Review: Its Skin Babyface petit Blusher [no.2] Pure Lavender

Ahh… And the line up of mediocre Its Skin Babyface products continue. This time, I bring you the blusher from the Babyface product line up! I bought the Pure Lavender colour as I don’t have any purple blush and figure it’d be a good place as any to start collecting blushers.
It's Skin_Babyface_petitblusher

It's Skin_Babyface_petitblusher-open

Basically… It’s a pressed powdered blush and it comes in a few different colours but I went with the purple shade. It also comes with an enclosed powder puff so you can apply this while on the go.

The Good Stuff… It’s cute, the puff works credibly well, it doesn’t look like I have purple cheeks when I use this product and it does give my skin a bit more of a translucent appearance. The packaging isn’t too shabby, being cute and some what sturdy doesn’t hurt.

Swatches: I didn’t blend it out in this swatch so you can see the colour and the texture.
It's Skin_Babyface_petitblusher-swatch

Issues: The longevity is really sad. It lasts maybe a few hours and then all traces of it is gone. Texture wise, I really can’t say I like this as it goes on quite powdery (having an accompanying baby powder smell as well) and I have to go over it a few times to get some colour to show up.

In a Nutshell:

Love: Cute, puff actually works this time, packaging is not exactly durable but doesn’t feel like it’ll fall apart in your bag, the lavender shade isn’t a bad introduction to purple blushes.
Do not love: Poor longevity as the product fades within a matter of hours and the texture is powdery which is not something I enjoy. I also have to go over it a few times to get any colour to show.
Repurchase? Definitely not. Although I wouldn’t hesitate to try another purple blush.
I rate it: 2.5/5 Looks ok, not horrifically bad but ultimately fails to deliver longevity. Also the texture bothers me a lot.

Recommend me your favourite purple blush!

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  • Nyxie

    See this powder is super cute and such a lovely shade but it’s honestly a shame it doesn’t last too long. I personally don’t use purple blush (or blush really) but perhaps maybelline would have a nice one… I have a pale pink blush from them and it’s nice