Review: It’s Skin – Babyface BB cream moisture

I’m back from the dead! Or in this case, self-imposed academic hibernation. The last month and a half has been intense, I had to submit my final honours thesis and prepare for my thesis defense which, is actually coming up in a week! I had been planning to do this review for a while now but since university happened and messed up my plans it’s here! Although late.
I had been holding off purchasing any Babyface products from It’s skin but since this was part of my birthday haul (and it was just so cheap) I just decided to give it a shot since the whole product range was just so stupidly cute.
Honestly, I’m not loving these products other than for their cute factor. Read on for a full accounting of its pit-falls!
It's Skin_Babyface_BBcream

Basically… It’s a BB cream that supposedly is moisturising. There is another version for oily skin but other than that, there is no real choice in colour.

The good stuff… It’s seriously cute. You’re looking at a piece of happiness every day when you use this.
It's Skin_Babyface_BBcream-cap

It's Skin_Babyface_BBcream-swatch

It's Skin_Babyface_BBcream-blended

Issues: The product smells like flowers and candy soda which isn’t a bad thing, but I’m not used to having scents in my makeup any more since going over to using the Kate BB cream so this product actually irritates my nose. The coverage is nonexistent – I had to highlight the area where I blended the product on my hand and even after I did that I’m not even convinced myself that I can see any difference. If I didn’t know myself, I would say that there was nothing there! The product also sits heavily on my skin and it is a very uncomfortable feeling. I also don’t know if this is attributable to the fact that it’s the ‘moisture’ version but damn! My face looks greasy as after application – I really need to powder over it after I apply and at that point I think my powder provided most of the coverage.

In a Nutshell:

Love: Cute!
Do not love: The scent, poor coverage, makes me grease up, has a heavy suffocating feeling, requires blotting and powder.
Repurchase? Definitely not!
I rate it: 1/5 This is the worst score I’ve ever given to any product. 10/10 would not recommend you buy it.

Has illusions of pretty packaging cheated you before?

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  • Bethany

    Pretty packaging is always my downfall. 😛 Good luck with your thesis!

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      Thank you! and yes! I always get suckered into the packaging!

  • Nyxie

    I always appreciate it when a package has cute/pretty visual elements to it but ugh when they don’t work I just feel really annoyed haha. Maybe the version for oily skin would have a better coverage since oily skin has that tendency to ruin makeup after a while. It should at least have a powdery finish.

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      Yeah me too! Especially when I can’t do anything with it and it just ends up in the bin!

  • Paige McKinnon

    Ohh my this does not sound good at all! ^ – ^
    Thank you very much for warding us off of it! ^ w ^

  • Glamburger

    Hahaha. At least it’ll look cute sitting on your vanity. At least that’s what I tell myself whenever this happens to me (often).

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      lol yeah, until such time I accumulate enough of pretties that don’t get used and I end up giving them away!