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Wow! An actual review post this time! Today I bring you a review of an organic Paw Paw from the brand Little Bird. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of Paw Paw but when I was contacted about these products I thought, why not? I’ve never really given Paw Paw products the time of day and this was a good opportunity to give it a shot.
Most Paw Paw balms contain some kind of petrochemical (ie: Petroleum jelly) but these ones are devoid of the use of petrochemicals. I can’t comment much about the “organic” claims of this product because 1) I don’t know enough and 2) even if I did know enough I’m still hesitant to spew out potentially wrong information!
On to more interesting things! The Review:


Basically… It’s a Paw Paw balm that comes in three different varieties, original, tangerine and pink grape fruit.

The Good Stuff… All three varieties do not have a noticeable taste, application is smooth and the Paw Paw softens on contact with skin. When fully smoothed out, it gives your lips a lovely shine and the stuff isn’t sticky either. Its a good mix between glossy and balmy (did that even make sense?). The only difference between the varieties is the scent that accompanies each Paw Paw – original has no scent, tangerine smells like tangerine and pink grape fruit… well there is a very slight scent but I would say that pink grape fruit is almost scentless. The ingredients list a whole bunch of different oils (castor, coconut, jojoba) as well as other delicious sounding things like Cocao seed butter, shea butter and papaya extract (which is what makes this a Paw Paw balm!). The concentration of papaya extract is listed at 85mg/g – since I don’t use paw paw (normally) I don’t know if this is a high concentration of papaya extract but I’m listing it in case someone who knows something about Paw Paw balms can decide if this is a good thing!
It was initally quite hard to dispense any product from the tube since the product is very thick and the opening is very small and although the applicator is a good idea, the applicator itself is quite hard so I prefer to use my finger to apply the Paw Paw. I was a little disappointed that the pink grape fruit didn’t smell more like pink grape fruit but it doesn’t detract from the actual product.

In a Nutshell:

Love: Smooth application, the balm is a good mix between glossy and balmy, no petrochemicals, doesn’t taste of anything, scent (if any) is very pleasant and unoffensive.
Do not love: Initially a little hard to squeeze the product out of the tube.
Repurchase? Hmm probably not as I’m not totally in love with Paw Paw (plus I still have a ton of other lip balms to go through!)
I rate it: 4/5

Are you a Paw Paw fan?

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  • http://www.glamburger.us/ Glamburger

    I have never heard of Paw Paw before… is this an Australian thing or am I totally out of the loop? D:

    • http://samthebear.com/blog/ Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      Oh! Yeah it’s an Australian thing – it’s basically Vaseline with papaya (or Paw Paw, however you know it as) extract. It became really popular when someone claimed that their PawPaw balm can cure arthritis/cancer/diabetes/everything and everything that ails human kind with no cure. Its a load of BS but as an occlusive (like Vaseline) it does it’s job fairly well!