DIY Ikea wall light Hack

So from my previous Ikea Hack post you should know that as a condition of renting, we aren’t allowed to drill/stick/glue anything onto the walls or ceilings. The ceiling light in the bathroom was woefully inadequate so to get around that, I had decided to use the two remaining stugvik suction hooks from my previous hack to put in a wall light into the bathroom. This hack will require some electrical knowledge so please for the love of all that is good and holy, don’t attempt this hack unless you know what you’re doing! Also, you will assume all responsibility and liability if you do attempt this hack!
On to the DIY! Instructions will be in the pictures so click on them to enlarge!

Suction wall light

Suction wall light1
Suction wall light2
Suction wall light3

Screw in an E27 light bulb (any kind will do – doesn’t have to be from Ikea) and attach the lamp shade. You’re done! Plug in the cord and turn the light on to admire your handi-work!
In total, this hack had cost me $20. The cord set was $8, the light bulb (Philips, cool LED 5W) was $6, electrical plug was salvaged from an old appliance (you can buy this new at any hardware store for about $5-6), lamp shade was $6 (on sale).
My next few posts will be DIY/home improvement/Ikea Hacking related so if you’re here for beauty reviews – they’ll be on hold for a while during this time of moving in and DIYing. I do hope you enjoy a good DIY as much as I do though! So please do stick around for more of this!

I think my calling in life is home improvement!

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  • Olivia @ mademoiselleinsydney

    Ah that’s a brilliant hack!! I don’t have any light issues, but so many electric appliances with useless long cords/cables (live in a small studio) so should definitely look into getting some of these awesome hooks!

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      Ohh these hooks would make a great way to neaten up cords! What a great idea!

  • Tim

    Just for your own safety make sure the light fixtures are waterproof and not in a “Wet Area”
    the biggest problem is water vapor/ mist from the shower collecting in the fixture.