Attach a Grundal knife rack without drilling into the wall

*Picture heavy post ahead!*
Recently my boyfriend moved into a rented apartment and one condition was “No drilling, gluing or sticking anything to the walls and ceilings”. We thought, that’s ok – we won’t need to drill/attach anything to walls or ceilings. How every wrong we were. For one, kitchen bench space was very small and we had no where to put a knife holder that would traditionally sit on the counter top and second we didn’t really want to fork out $40-$60 for a knife holder.

Ikea stepped in at this point (pretty sure their demographic is young adults living in a rented shoe box) and we saw the Grundal magnetic knife rack. It was in short perfect – except for one tinnyyy detail. It has to be attached to a wall. Obviously we couldn’t drill into the wall but I remember seeing some bathroom suction hooks that Ikea was also selling. I decided to put the two together and Voila! knife holder without drilling into the walls and for less than $30.

Grundal knife rack
Instructions are included in the pictures below! Click to enlarge.

Grundal knife rack_backplate
Grundal knife rack_Stugvik
Grundal knife rack_Stugvik insert
Grundal knife rack_Stugvik2
Grundal knife rack_Complete
Grundal knife rack_wall
Grundal knife rack_spacer
Grundal knife rack_with knives

I could’ve obviously done a better spray job and figured out a better way of preventing the rack from angling forward but honestly, for 30 minutes worth of work – I don’t think I did too badly! The knife rack is still standing two weeks later and the suction hooks are pretty strong so I don’t expect any knives to tumble down*.

*Please, don’t sue me if shit happens. Know that if you choose to undertake this Ikea Hack you assume full responsibility and liability for anything that happens as a consequence of doing this!!

I still had two spare suction hooks left over from the 4 pack that I bought. Those two I have used in a separate Ikea Hack so that I could put in a wall light into the bathroom. I’ll post that hack soon so keep an eye out!

Tell me you love hacking Ikea items as much as I do!

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