Wet weather ruins most things

Recent weather has basically wrecked all my photo ops and as we all know, no photos, no review! I love the rain as much as the next person (sleep ins, hot chocolate, warm clothes, etc, etc) but when things need to be done with fine weather, it just doesn’t get done (ie: laundry and photos). Here are some photos of my backyard to compensate for no reviews. Like I said, wet weather ruins most things.
Other wise, I hope everyone is having a good week! It’s Wednesday and half the working week is over! Weekend here I come~

Wet weather

Wet weather2

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  • Brodie White

    How I felt today! Weather was so on & off I only got half of the photos I wanted to take because the rest came out too dull because of the rain clouds :'(

    • http://samthebear.com/blog/ Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      Oh! I know right? Plus during the day I have to go to uni and by the time I get back the weather definitely took a turn for the worse!

  • http://www.helloprettybird.com/ Rebecca B. Bird

    Lovely photos, but bad weather does tend to ruin one’s plans! There have been an unusual number of snowstorms here this year, which sometimes taper off into freezing rain. Not the kind of rain you’re experiencing, but annoying nonetheless. 🙂

    • http://samthebear.com/blog/ Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      yikes! That sounds a lot worse than what is happening here! I hope everything is ok!

  • http://samplehime.blogspot.com/ Sample Hime

    Awww I missed your reviews haha! I literally came to your blog yesterday to see why I hadn’t seen you on Bloglovin at all really recently. I hope the rain stops soon =) I think I’m gonna go have some hot chocolate now.

    • http://samthebear.com/blog/ Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      Aww thanks! Well hopefully the weather clears up by the weekend so I can take my photos!

  • http://beauty-junkie.net/ Bethany

    The weather is so weird lately. It goes from being absolutely boiling to drenching us with rain. o_o I know the feeling.

    • http://samthebear.com/blog/ Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      I know right! Right after it finished raining for a week straight it went back to being really hot! Well at least I managed to get some photos for the next two blog posts!