Review: Clio Waterproof Brush Liner

As much as I love eyeliners with brush tips, the Maybelline eyeliner that I has such high hopes for failed miserably in all other aspects. I found another eyeliner with a similar brush tip on my recent trip to Singapore and it’s from the Korean brand Clio – my cousin swears by their eyeliners and so does her friend (though they use the thinner brushed version). After trying this for a month or so, I can full heartedly agree with them. This was what I was expecting from the Maybelline Master precise liquid liner and more! This is definitely deserving of the Holy Grail classification!

Clio waterproof linerClio waterproof liner_brush
Basically… Its a liquid eyeliner with a soft brush tip. It comes in brown and black but I purchased the black version and it also came with a free mini mascara (not pictured)

The good stuff… The pigmentation is amazing – one swipe is all that I need to have it be opaque. The brush tip, similar to the Maybelline one is easy to use and a variety of line thickness can be created depending on how much pressure you place on the brush. It dries instantly – the moment it’s applied it dries up so there’s no risk of smudging. It is actually waterproof! No amount of scrubbing with water will remove this but it comes off without any fuss with make up remover. The best part is that at the end of a long day it’s still there, it withstands any rubbing, scratching and general oil build up very well. And the packaging! So slim and compact – it’s actually shorter in length compared to the Maybelline liner as well which makes it ideal for travelling and carrying around.

Issues… I have none to report, but at around SGD$21 (aprox USD$16.50) it could be considered a pretty pricey eyeliner if you were to compare it to other drugstore type eyeliners.

Swatches… These swatches were swiped once and I used a variable pressure to show how you could get different line thickness.
Clio waterproof liner_swatch

In a Nutshell:

Love: Pigmentation is great, dries quickly once applied, won’t slide off my lids during the day, is resistant to face touching and removes easily with make up remover.
Do not love: Nothing! Although some might consider the price a negative but really, this has been the only eyeliner to match my expectations so I’m not too put off by the price tag.
I rate it: 5/5 Holy Grail material right here!

What’s your HG eyeliner?

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  • Rebecca B. Bird

    Looks awesome! It is a little expensive if you compare it to drugstore brands, but compared to all makeup ever $16.50 isn’t that outrageous. Does it last a long time? Or maybe you haven’t used it up yet? 🙂

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      I haven’t finished using it up yet (just bought it a few months back lol) but my cousin says her’s usually runs out around the 6 month mark (she uses her’s everyday while I’m more of an occasional user). I can imagine it lasting a long while if you don’t use it on a daily basis!