NOTD: Cobalt, gray and chrome

Even though it’s officially spring I decided to break out my blue shimmer and neutral grey for this week just to keep things classy. It’s been a crazy week and I’m glad I’ve got this mani to remind myself to keep my head above water. The nail polishes I’ve used in this mani are: No Place Like Chrome – Essie, Gunppang Gray – Skin Food and Cobalt – Nail it! Sportsgirl. Since I’ve reviewed the Essie and Skin Food nail polishes, I’ll be including a short review on Cobalt by Nail it! from Sportsgirl.




(On my thumb, middle and fourth finger)
Application: Applies thinly, prone to streaking, is sheer and jelly like
Colour: Shimmery blue with warm undertones and some flecks of purple shimmer when viewed closely. As it is a warm blue, it brings out the yellowness of my skin and without a neutral gray to break up the colour, my hands would probably look super yellow (perhaps even to the point of sallowness)
For my NOTD: I used a white nail polish under Cobalt and it took me about 4 coats to get it to that level of opacity and evenness.

It is still a very pretty colour, especially up close where you can see it has flecks of purple shimmer. I bought this on sale months ago so I don’t think it’s still available but for a cheapish (AUD$2-3) nail polish I can’t say I’m totally unhappy with this, just wished the formula was better!

Have you tried any nail polishes that apply poorly but the colour is just so pretty you’ll put up with it?

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  • Bethany

    I know polishes like that. Some of the ones Morning Glory sell. I forget the brand. There’s a gorgeous pale, light blue that is a bit of a pain to work with but I always come back to. xD

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      Oh I know which brand you’re talking about! I have a few colours from them but they never quite turn out the way I hoped they would lol