Review: MaxFactor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint 06

I bought this about 3 weeks ago from Big W as they were having a $5 off all MaxFactor products sale bringing the price of this Lipfinity tint down to AUD$14. I bought shade 06 (Royal Plum) as I was looking for a dark red/plum lip colour for winter. I honestly love this colour and there are only minor issues that detract from the overall awesomeness of this product.



Basically… It’s a lip tint which applies with a felt tip – a little different from most lip tints (with either a brush or doe-foot applicator) but the felt tip makes application super easy and precise.

The Good Stuff… The colour is really intense, it’s the right shade of blood red/plum and depending on shade it can turn from a deep red to a dark plum. Application is super easy and it smells really nice – but some people might not agree as it is that sweet artificial cheery scent. It also doesn’t taste bitter, rather it tastes mildly sweet. Wear time is impressive, I’ve eaten a meal with it on and it still stayed put. I’ve gotten complimented on it almost every time I’ve worn it, so that must mean that it’s a winner!

Issues… Unfortunately, this product has some issues. The tint itself can wipe off (but will still leave colour on your lips – it just won’t be as intense), is slightly drying (so you really have to apply a clear lip balm over it), needs to be stored cap side down or the tip can dry out, and when it wears off it will highlight peeling skin (even if the peeling is very little, it will seep under the peeling skin and stain the skin underneath) so it looks like you’ve got a bleeding lip! Reapplication will fix this problem but it is definitely not a forgiving lip product for unhealthy lips as it will highlight dry/peeling skin. The colour will feather a little (as does most liquid tints), but it’s not a huge issue and only becomes an issue hours later. Feathering is easily fixed by using a lip pencil or concealer on the margins of your lip.

Swatches: R – In shade, L – In direct sunlight.

Liptint removed with makeup remover and face cleanser - it still leaves quite a stain as you can see.
Liptint removed with makeup remover and face cleanser – it still leaves quite a stain as you can see.

In a Nutshell:

Love: Colour is intense, the right blood red/plum colour I’ve been looking for, felt tip applicator makes application easy and quick, smells lovely, doesn’t taste bitter and lasts a long time.
Do not love: Even though I’ve mentioned a lot of issues above, they are very minor issues to me and easily fixable so there isn’t really anything I dislike about it.
Repurchase? As much as I love this lip product, I’ll probably move onto something else by the time I use up this lip tint.
Should you buy it? If you take good care of your lips and are currently looking for a dark red/plum lip colour for winter then this is something that’ll work!
I rate it: 4/5

The next post will be on Tuesday and it’ll be my first The Starting Off Project post! It’ll be on concealer and I’ll be introducing my current concealer so stay tuned!

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  • Bethany

    I love the colour. *w* Will have to look up some swatches of it on people’s lips.

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      it is a really pretty colour ^_^ It worked really well with all my dark winter clothes I was wearing lol

  • Louise

    Loving the colour! However I don’t really like using felt tip lip products. I feel like I’m using a texta :/

    Louise | Vanity Corner
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    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      lol yeah thats what my friends were saying too! It does actually feel like you’re texta colouring in your lips while using this haha