The Starting Off Project – Intro

Stephanie from Steph’s Inside Voice came up with this and I read about this project from Josephine Nychole. I thought it’s a great way to introduce basic products that I use and any tips I can pass on so I’ll be participating in The Starting Off Project! (#theSOproject) It’s a kind of collaboration between bloggers where everyone participating posts about a specific category of beauty product on a certain day – works out to be a fantastic source of information! Read on if you’re interested in participating or just want to know when things will be published!

The Deets:

Each week, for 10 weeks, there will be one post for the SO project and the schedule is as follows:
Week 1: Skincare
Week 2: Concealer
Week 3: Foundation
Week 4: Bronzer
Week 5: Blusher
Week 6: Mascara
Week 7: Eyeliner
Week 8: Eyeshadow
Week 9: Lipstick/Gloss
Week 10: Makeup Tools

Week 11 {optional}: Round up post.

It is not necessary to participate in all the weeks and I’ll only be participating in the weeks in bold – mostly because I don’t want to give out bad information on things I don’t know much about!

The post should outline how you use the product, experiences with it, and any of your favourites in that category (as well as any additional information). The posts should be published on Tuesdays (the first week starting on the 27th of Aug) at 6PM UK time (anytime Tuesday should be OK though) and if you’re sharing on Twitter, remember to #theSOproject!

I’d love to know if anyone is going to participate and which weeks you’re interested in writing up a post for! If you’re not participating, which weeks are you most looking forward to reading? I’m personally going to keep an eye out for the skin care and eyeshadow weeks!

Next post will be scheduled as per-normal on Wednesday! It’ll be a normal review post so keep an eye out for it!

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