Review: Nivea Lip butter Vanilla & Macadamia

As most of you guys will know, it’s currently winter here and being winter, chapped lips are almost guaranteed so this Nivea lip butter purchase couldn’t have come at a better time! I bought this on sale for $3 at Priceline awhile back but I believe the full RRP is  close to $6 (as if I’d pay that!) I’ve had this for about a month or so now and this is a solid product in my opinion but there are a few short falls in this product. Read on for the full review!

Basically… It’s a lip balm/butter which moisturises and protects your lips. There are a few ‘flavours’ available but the one I really want – the raspberry one isn’t available in Australia as far as I know.

The Good stuff… While it is scented (if you buy a ‘flavoured’ version), there is no real taste to this lip butter. I really like this because there are plenty of nasty tasting lip balms out there and I really don’t need another one! The vanilla and macadamia version smells exactly as it says on the tin which makes a pleasant change from artificial scents. It applies very smoothly and doesn’t pull on your lips when you apply this, doesn’t feel heavy on my lips (but I’ve heard some people saying that they dislike the feeling of this balm on their lips) and has a slippery quality to it that makes it a dream to wear. It is a pretty soft balm as well so you can dent this by just pressing down but this is probably attributable to the fact that it is so smooth and soft to apply. There is also quite a lot of product in the tin (19mls) so compared to other lip balms it does have value for money. The tin lid is surprisingly holding up pretty well – it’s not too tight or loose so it doesn’t pop open randomly and doesn’t take Herculean strength to open it either. Works well as a base for lip stick and it really does keep your lips moisturised.

Issues… It’s in a tin – need I say more? It’s a little difficult to use as you need two hands to apply this (to open, hold the lid and the other hand to actually apply the balm) and if you have issues with hygiene this might not be the best packaging. I’m not sure how well this balm will hold up in warm/hot weather either because the formulation is so soft I feel like body heat could melt this and it could be an issue. For this reason I’ve never put this in my pocket – always in my bag only. Since it’s winter right now the weather is pretty cold so I haven’t experienced any melting. I am curious if this will melt though, so if you’ve had that happen to you with this lip butter please let me know! The longevity of this balm is pretty sad – it wears off within an hour if I’m not careful and it’s gone after a few bites of food. This is probably why I’m burning through this so quickly.

Swatches… It looks opaque in the tin but applies clear – I’ve never experienced the lip balm building up into a white waxy deposit around my lips (this I’ve heard from other bloggers) but I’m guessing it’s just depending on how much you apply.


In a Nutshell…

Love: Smells delicious, applies smoothly, keeps lips moisturised, good value for money, tin lid holds up well, it’s a good base for lipsticks and has no taste.
Do not love: Short wear time – it’ll wear off quickly if you’re not careful, packaging is not ideal, and could possibly melt in hot weather?
Should you buy it? If you’re after a long lasting lip balm, this isn’t for you but if you need a lip balm that gives an instant hit of moisture this will tick all the boxes.
I rate it: 3.5/5

What’s your favourite lip butter/balm to fend off chapped lips?

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  • Sophia E. (Fauunzie)

    I looove the original Nivea lip butter, and it’s always had a long wear time for me! (I put it on before bed and my lips are nice and soft in the morning.) Maybe the unscented one would be better for you? It’s summer where I am, and it would DEFINITELY melt if I left it in my car during the day – so you’re right about melting possibly being an issue! 😛

    Finds ♡

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      Do you think the scented and unscented versions have different formulas? I thought they all had the same soft/buttery feel. I suppose I’ll have to keep searching for a lip balm for summer then! But since summer isn’t for a few more months yet I think I’ll just keep using these lip butters!
      Thanks for stopping by too ^_^

  • Louise

    Wowowow you have used up a lot O___O And since you’re wondering what it’ll be like in summer – it’ll be SOOO soft and melted that it’s disgusting using your finger to apply. It’s like your finger just went swimming in lip balm (a bit exaggerated).

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      haha I thought it would be like that! I’ll probably purchase a different lip balm for summer!
      I think my rate of using this balm is just me though – like I said, I end up eating/chewing most of it off within an hour if I’m not mindful so I end up having to reapply so often -_-” But then again, it does wipe off really easily for me. Did you find that happens to you? It’s especially bad when I use it before I sleep – it just wipes off on my pillow case/flat sheet/blankets (pretty much everywhere)

  • Bethany

    I always lose my lip balms. 😛 My favourite one is a lemon cheesecake one my friend got me from Etsy. It was home-made by someone. I really don’t like that kind of tin for balms. My nails are too long to be messy with dipping. 😛

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      haha yeah once my nails got too long it was quite difficult to use it! I ended up having to trim my nails XD