Review: Skin Food Vita-B (Gel Mask)

I recently went on a face mask haul from w2beauty as they had a ‘pay $25 and get $35 worth of masks’ deal and I bought the whole range of the Skin Food Gel masks (vita-A, -B and -C) just because I was intensely curious about a gel type mask compared to the traditional fabric mask. They cost about $6AUD each but I’ve seen them a lot cheaper else where – these were part of my first purchase from w2beauty just to see if it was as good of a store as all the blogger hype I’ve been reading. (Basically, service is very good – you get email replies within a day and Alice, the owner, will try to get everything you want in your order and if it’s not possible arrange for an equivalent item. But you obviously have to pay for that service, I’m happy enough to pay for this service but I’m just mentioning this just in case every single comment in this post is about the price lol.)

I did mention that I would do the lip mask for this post but I just finished my last exam yesterday and was basically in a study coma and just played Bioshock Infinite from the time I got home till about dinner time haha – in my defense it’s been a really rainy and cloudy week here in Sydney so pictures would’ve been crap anyways.

Read on for the review!

Skin Food_Vita A_C

Skin Food Vita-B Gel Mask

Skin Food_VitaB
Basically… It’s a gel type face mask and the Vita-B version is supposed to calm irritated skin. Its sandwiched between two plastic sheets (you can see the two sheets above) with one side having a patterned surface – I assume that the patterned surface isn’t meant to go on your face as the smooth surface adhered better to my skin.

The Good stuff… It’s a really unique idea and it did feel very nice on my skin, no serum dripping off and it is generally more comfortable than the usual face masks. It didn’t tear as easily as I thought it would and the scent wasn’t particularly off putting, but…

Issues… The fit was so bad. I mean Really Bad. With normal face masks you can just fold over sections that don’t fit but with this gel type, you have to actually cut the mask where it doesn’t fit so you can fold it over on itself. If I didn’t cut it to fold it over itself large portions of my face would just not be covered by this mask at all.

Did it work? I don’t think it did anything. My face didn’t even feel particularly hydrated after using this mask for about 30-40mins. It was however very cooling – not something that I really needed considering its the middle of winter here now haha! But, if it was horribly hot where you are, if you left this in the fridge for an hour or so and put it on your face it’d be an instant cool down.

Repurchase? probably not, it was a fun novelty but not something I would reach for if I really needed a skin pick me up!

I rate it: 3/5

*I was not sponsored in anyway to do this post – I bought these masks with my own money!

Have you tried any gel type masks? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Chee Z

    I have the facial water vita-c gel mask! Haven’t tried it yet, but I basically got it because I’ve never tried a gel mask before. Too bad the results are disappointing, especially the need to cut the mask. -.- It’s hot where I live right now, maybe the cooling effects will help heh 😛

  • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

    it’ll probably be nice and cooling for you lol – it was actually slightly uncomfortable for me as it was really cold and my face was just wet haha

  • Louise

    I’ve never tried a gel mask before but it sort of reminds me of the rubber masks that look hideous when you put it on… I don’t think I would try this just because the fit sounds really bad hahaha

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      Most face masks have poor fits though – just that it’s harder to get around a poor fit with a gel mask haha
      The only thing I really think it has going for it is that it’s more comfortable (once you fix it so it fits properly) when you put it on than the regular face masks – it just doesn’t have that peel off problem when the mask gets dry (or maybe it just doesn’t dry out the way the other masks do haha)

  • Fräulein Schnee

    I never tried the gel-type masks…But it’s a bit dissapointed that the fit was so bad you had to cut it..:(

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      well generally masks don’t fit very well since it’s a one-size fit all business so it should be expected really haha

      • Fräulein Schnee

        yes, I know they are never perfect, but it seems this one was especially bad XD

  • Bethany

    Gel mask… interesting idea. I haven’t tried. I’m always disappointed with masks because I never notice any difference to my skin afterwards. Maybe I expect too much. Lol. 😛

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      haha maybe, I’m happy enough if my face is hydrated after masking!

  • Carmen C

    I haven’t tried any gel masks but would love to try them since they sound so moisturising. It’s a shame this one didn’t do much but cool your face down.. it’d be perfect for Summer though!

    • Sam Bear | A Curiosity

      I’m keeping them in my drawer in anticipation for summer!