Review: Me:ex BeBe Lip Essence

Be warned. The Me:ex BeBe Lip Essence is a product I dislike more than the nose pack from the Face Shop. I didn’t like it so much I’m posting a review of it in the middle of my study period and publishing it on a non-publishing schedule because I think everyone ought to know how crappy it is as soon as possible.
I bought this from w2beauty for about $9-$10 AUD mostly because I saw this at my local Face Shop store and didn’t want to pay $16 AUD for it. I’m glad I didn’t pay that much but at the same time I hated that I even paid for this product.
[frame]*Please note that I was NOT sponsored to do this review. The link to w2beauty goes to my affiliate link and if you do make a purchase over $30 USD using my link I get a 5% commission.[/frame]

Read on to find out why this was just beyond bad. It’s a long post but I promise it’s worth reading.

Bebe lip essence

Basically… It’s a lip balm. Nothing fancy, it’s not supposed to do anything but keep your lips moisturised and flake free. Pretty simple task really.

Good stuff: Nothing but the packaging. Loved the gold matte/metallic cap and the cute pastel colours but that’s as far as I’d go for the good stuff.

The REALLY BAD STUFF: It’s supposed to be a lip balm and it’s supposed to keep your lips moisturised right? Wrong. When I first put it on it had a bad taste, tasted like sunscreen and mineral oil but that’s ok I can deal with that – quite a few lip balms have this specific taste. But then, I look at the ingredients list and it looks like this:
BeBe ingredients
It is only FIFTEEN ingredients down that I start to recognise some items like ‘castor oil’. I’m no chemist and I don’t claim any huge knowledge on the ingredient list of lip balms but when something with a long list of ingredients is going on my lips I’m starting to get worried. After all my Eos lip balm has only 12 maybe 13 ingredients and they’re all ingredients that I’ve heard of.

I don’t even want to get into the discussion of whether or not those 15 ingredients that make the main bulk of this product is even good for your skin but within MINUTES of applying this balm my lips started to dry out – as I am sitting there I can feel the skin on my lips become chapped! It’s that sensation of the skin on your lips sinking into deep grooves.

Instantly I knew something was wrong – I’ve tried many lip balms over the years and this was a sensation I’m too familiar with. I’ve had lip balms that have chapped the hell out of my lips until I stopped using them and learnt never to use that particular brand ever again. While I’ve long forgotten what those brands were, the sensation of my lips chapping as I’m using a lip product has never been forgotten.

I wiped it off immediately and smeared the Nivea Lip Butter (review coming after exams, it’s not something I absolutely love or hate so it can wait) over it and my lips felt so much better.

I have tried looking for reviews of this on Google before I bought it but I did not find one so I decided to try it. I really wish I had, because this product sucked to the depths of hell. Not only did it not do it’s job (in fact it did the opposite of what it’s supposed to do) it also tastes like I put sunscreen and mineral oil on my lips. Pretty nasty stuff.

TL;DR: Don’t buy this product, it dries out your lips rather than moisturises it.

I’ll be reviewing some better lip balms once exams end so look forward to that. I’ve also scheduled my regular Wednesday post already so look forward to that!

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  • Bethany

    Eeek. Sounds nasty. >_< Ingredients overkill too. The packaging is so cute, so it's a shame.

    • Samthebear

      It’s pretty bad, I just got it today too =[ I so wanted to like it since it isn’t particularly sticky but the fact that it’s so drying just makes me want to chuck it D=

  • Sample Hime

    Holy crap that’s a scary product list >….> I recognize pieces of the list but not everything behaves like the pieces I suppose…I can’t say I can see a salicylate being even remotely moisturizing and castor oil is so cheap! That’s really uncool. I would write the company and complain tbh.

    • Samthebear

      I would complain and demand my money back if this was a Western company with actual representatives rather than just franchise owners (The FaceShop in my city isn’t owned by the parent company, it’s owned by franchise owners). I guess you win some and you lose some. At least now we know not to buy this particular lip product!

  • Fräulein Schnee

    Oh T_T the packaging is so cute and it’s so dissapointing that the product sucks…:(…And it could be really simply to create a moisturizing lipbalm.

    • Samthebear

      I know right? *sigh*

  • Lemons on Sticks

    Oddly enough though, it worked for me~! My lips are really soft and plump now after using this before bedtimes/ random time when needed. :DD maybe its not the same for different skin types/lip types?

    or maybe they revamped the ingredients in this stuff which would explain something