DIY: Brown sugar and honey lip scrub

As of late my lips have been getting chapped (thanks winter) and even though I’ve been religiously applying lip balms, I’m finding that it’s just not doing the job when there’re still pieces of dried skin hanging off my lips. Enter this DIY! I saw this on Honestly WTF ages ago and never really got around to doing it until now! This lip scrub is epic – plus, it was so cheap! I really recommend you try doing this if you’re on the look out for a lip scrub. I’ve made some changes to the original so read on for the recipe!

Brown Sugar scrubBrown sugar and honey lip scrub DIY

DIY brown sugar scrub


  • 2-3 tsp HoneyI used manuka honey but I’m sure you can use any honey you like.
  • 50g Vaselinethe original called for coconut oil – didn’t have that on hand and didn’t want to go on a man hunt for it so I settled for vaseline.
  • 5 tbs brown sugardoesn’t have to be exactly 5 tbs, just add more or less if you wish
  • A container
  • Spatula
  • Mixing bowl


  1. Mix Vaseline and honey together in bowl, make sure the mixture is a consistent texture.
  2. Add the sugar and mix well. Keep adding sugar until you’re satisfied with the level of grittiness in the mixture.
  3. Scoop out the mixture into your container of choice, pack it in, seal it up and it’s done!
  4. To use, put a little on your finger and work it into your lips! Circular, vertical, horizontal motions – whatever floats your boat! As long as it’s scrubbing off all of that nasty dried skin. When finished, rinse it off and wipe off residual Vaseline with some tissue paper.
  5. Use as often as you like – I use it about twice a week at the moment and I find that it keeps my lips nice and smooth.


  • Anything that acts as a suspension base for the honey and sugar will work fine as a replacement to Vaseline. You can use bees wax, vegetable shortening, coconut oil, lip balms – as long as its not toxic, hasn’t been used and will keep for a long time, you can use it as a replacement for Vaseline. Note that vegetable shortening (and coconut oil) must be kept in the fridge and thawed slightly every time you want to use it.
  • No brown sugar? No worries! Just replace it with any other sugar you have at home – to make things interesting, include large and fine granules of sugar to improve the exfoliation!
  • Any used cosmetics container can be cleaned and used for this. The suggestion on HonestlyWTF was to use baby food jars – since I do not have access to any baby food jars (on account of not being pregnant, not with kids and not knowing anyone with kids), I resorted to using the jar from my Lovely Me:ex pore mask which I had finished using up.
  • Vaseline is insanely hard to clean upMostly thanks to the fact that it is petroleum jelly so I recommend you wipe off all excess Vaseline with a paper towel from your mixing bowl/spatula/spoon – anything that came into heavy contact with it, before attempting to wash. Also, use a lot of detergent and when washing, use the scratchy side of the sponge (I hope you didn’t use nice bowls/spatulas to mix this!)
  • This 50g of product will last you a very, very, very long time so be prepared to throw out more than half of it once it starts to go badI honestly have no idea when it’ll start to go bad. It is recommended to use it up in two weeks on the HonestlyWTF website, but really. No one can use this much lip scrub up in two weeks!! To avoid this throwing out business, buy some smaller containers (try Daiso or the dollar shop) and give them away to friends.

This is all from me today! I hope you will give this lip scrub DIY a shot, it’s very simple, incredibly cheap/free and only uses a few ingredients from your kitchen/bathroom cabinet and works wonders!

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  • Chee

    I’ve heard of these DIY scrubs before but was just too lazy to try it out, but this looks really simple! My lips doesn’t get too dry, but there’s always dead skin falling off, kinda nasty lol. Definitely going to try this. 😀

    • Samthebear

      If you’re even lazier, just skip the Vaseline and go straight for honey+sugar combination (use a variety of different grain sugars so the coarseness is mixed up so you get a better exfoliation!)