Gold nail tips with eyeshadow

Exactly as the title – I figured out another way to use eyeshadow! Dusting/tapping eyeshadow onto semi-wet nail polish to achieve a shimmer effect. I know you can mix clear nail polish with eyeshadow to make a nail polish with the colour you want but this is different in that you don’t mix in anything. Just tap or dust on loose powder to the tips of nude nails, cover with topcoat and that’s it! I’ve put in two pictures of the nails just in case it was difficult to see the effect in one or the other.

Gold tips

gold tips_2


If using a brush, use a blending eyeshadow brush that you’re happy to sacrifice.

If using a toothpick or something to tap the shadow on with, collect a decent pile of shadow on the chosen tool and use it to place the pile of shadow directly onto the nail. Be careful not to dent the nail polish. If you do, continue finishing off the nail and coat it with a good coat or two of topcoat. The topcoat should cover up minor dents – if you end up scratching off a chunk of nail polish you’ll unfortunately have to start all over on that nail.

Always blow off the excess powder, never use your finger to rub/brush it off. If you do, you’ll end up with a smooth, shiny coat of eyeshadow over the nail polish. This is great if you’re going after a see-through metallic look but not great or this tipped look. If you want to do the see-through metallic look, apply the powder to dry to the touch nail polish (see last tip).

You can also use this to create a foiled look by crusting your nail with the desired eyeshadow (use a shimmery one if you’re after the metallic foil look) and blow off the excess.

You can also apply the powder onto dry to the touch nail polish, it won’t stick as well so you may need to use a little bit more powder, but other wise it’s great to do this so that you reduce the risk of dents or scratches. Do this if you’re after the see-through metallic look! You’ll need to use your finger to brush the powder over the nail so the polish needs to be dry to the touch at least.

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