Sesame cookies

As per the season, I made some cookies to give away for Christmas! This time it’s sesame cookies (this time last year I made some green tea cookies, which coincidentally went well with the seasonal colours). The recipe was (as usual) from Nami’s blog, Just One Cookbook and I have to say, I like these cookies more than the green tea cookies! You can find the recipe here.

Sesame cookiesMine didn’t turn out as dark as Nami’s mostly because I didn’t have a food processor to reduce the sesame seeds into a fine powder. Next time I make this I’ll try pounding down the seeds with a mortar and pestle because as much as I love sesame, having the seeds get stuck in my teeth on occasion is a little off putting and I think by making them into a fine powder, the smell and taste of the sesame seeds are better released. The almond meal gives it a lovely coconutty flavour and really compliments that sesame flavour.

These cookies are sweeter than the green tea cookies so I’d recommend to try this out if you love sweet stuff. It crumbles in your mouth and almost melts, its pretty addictive so I suggest eating one and walking far away from the cookie jar before coming back for more or you’ll have none left!

On a different note, hurray! My first food blog in a long time!

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  • Nami | Just One Cookbook

    Hi Sam! Your cookies look so beautiful. Perfect round shape too (did you see mine?). I guess I should make cookies more often… once in a while is not a good idea. Haha. Well, I had an intention to make the cookies darker just like my Black Sesame Ice Cream… but I do love whole sesame seeds in the cookies too. Thank you so much for the kind mention!