Midweek glamour

I did this last night hence ‘mid-week’ but I guess Thursday is still considered to be the middle of the week? Anyway, this is a super easy mani to do and I think the picture is self-explanatory so I’ll just go on and tell you more about the polish colour I used and what I found to work best when attaching the rhinestones.



IMG_8624I used a dark red (045 Deep Red) from Scandal and while it’s a pretty cheap Korean brand, the colour goes on well enough. A bonus to this dark red is that I only needed one coat for an opaque layer.

To apply the rhinestone I used a rhinestone pencil; it basically has a soft center and you just press down on the top of a rhinestone to pick it up. Now, I’ve heard that it’s not advisable to use topcoat to stick rhinestones on and you should use nail glue, etc, but when I used just the Seche Vite topcoat, the rhinestone stuck to it very well (and very firmly too I might add). The whole thing dried in a minute or less and this became officially the fastest mani I’ve ever done.

So… Use topcoat to stick rhinestones on? I’d say if you’re going to be using  very little rhinestones, topcoat will work fine but if you have larger/more pieces of rhinestones to attach, your best bet would be nail glue. An alternative to rhinestones is nail studs or half-backed pearls if you’re after a more dainty look.

You may have noticed that I’ve been doing a lot of nail posts and a friend of mine has been bugging me to do some food posts but the only reason why I haven’t been doing any food related posts recently is because when I paint my nails, I can’t make food! Simple as that.
Will I return to food posts? Most likely yes, but when I will do so is something I don’t know. Hope you’re all still enjoying my nail posts anyways!

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