DIY French Manicure

I’ve been doing my nails (procrastinating – nothing new here!) while writing/reading up for a paper and found this really neat trick for easy DIY french mani nails without buying those guide strips.



[clear] Base coat: Pink Ribbon (Butter London)
White tip: Alpine Snow (OPI)

Just paint your base colour as per usual and use the ends of a band-aid as your guide line! Super easy and costs nothing (except for a few band-aids). I used fabric band-aids here which works but the plastic ones would work better to give you a neater line. It didn’t really bother me either way since I just repainted over the frayed looking ends after taking the band-aid off.

This is the first time I’ve ever used any polish by Butter London on account of it being disgustingly expensive here (as is everything else) but a magazine was giving a free (full sized) bottle away with every purchase and I thought, why not. The magazine is only $8 and this bottle of polish would cost me $22! I don’t even read the magazine but what the heck, I’ve just bought a $22 bottle of nail polish for $8. It’s a no-brainer!

Anyway, the polish goes on well and doesn’t streak which is really good (I’d expect as much from a $22 bottle of polish!) but the colour was really sheer so I had to use about 4 coats when I’d normally use 2 with OPI on a similar colour (See: Of Glitter and Nail essence – France’y)


Would I buy more Butter London products? Maybe, if I manage to get it on sale for $10 or less. OPI is still my favourite brand, the colour is consistently good and the range is very extensive (more so than Butter London). Although, a point to Butter London, the bottle is pretty unique.

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  • Nami | Just One Cookbook

    Ohhh DIY French mani? Sounds nice! I only do pedicure as my manicure doesn’t last even a few days after cooking and dealing with kids. It’s always a treat to have beautiful nails… 🙂

    • Samthebear

      Ah, I know! Mine doesn’t last long either (mostly because I have a bad habit of biting them! Its so bad >.<) but when I did this one they lasted even less as it was my turn to cook/clean up for the week! I really do love a good manicure but my nails have suffered quite a bit from over painting them! I'm trying to be good and let them rest for awhile =]