Soufflé cheesecake (Japanese cheesecake)

Its been awhile since I’ve written anything here but I have been making some new things! Always on the look out for new desserts to try I saw this recipe at Just One Cookbook and it came with a really enthusiastic review so I knew I just had to try it!
I remember eating this cheesecake once at a cafe but it was $5 a slice! I didn’t even know what it was called until I found this recipe on Nami’s blog.


For the first time making this cake I think it went pretty well! The only issue I had was that the top had two massive cracks! That and my tin was an inch smaller than recommended and my oven needs replacing. Other wise it went very smoothly!
I didn’t have apricot jam so I substituted it with marmalade and added orange zest over the top of the cake. It has a soft fluffy texture (almost like eating clouds) and the marmalade added a bit of a twist to it. My mum loved it but next time I will try to add a little bit more sugar only because I prefer my cakes sweeter! 

It was a really good recipe and very easy to follow (as are all of Nami’s recipes!) so I suggest you try it too!  I don’t even have any extra tips to add, the recipe on Nami’s blog is perfect!

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  • Nami | Just One Cookbook

    Wow Sam! You baked this cheesecake and wrote a post already! Thanks for linking back to my site. I REALLY love your marmalade & orange zest idea. Nice citrus kick. 🙂 About the crack – both time I made this cake, I was lucky enough that I didn’t get cracks. However, on the original recipe site, I read some reviews that people have crack issues. I’m not a baking pro but it seems like a common issue when you make souffle cheesecake. I can’t pinpoint the reason, but some says sudden temperature drop, some said meringue is not right, etc… I need to practice more to see what’s the good trick. Other than that, your cake looks beautiful!! Thank you for trying this recipe!

    • Samthebear

      No worries about that ^_^ Your website is always my go-to for new things to try! I’ll be making the cake again soon and I’ll try making the meringue less stiff – I’m sure it wasn’t the temperature drop as the cracks were there already when I opened the oven for the first time. It did sink quite a bit though even when I left it in the oven (propped open) for an hour to cool down.