Twisted weave – variation of the regular curb link weave

Yesterday I shared with you guys the quarter weave and today it’ll be the twisted weave! I came up with this while playing with the weaving so I’ve just named it the twisted weave because the threads are only woven around one side in the same direction. It is a simpler weave with huge potential to be transformed into any pattern which is why I really like this weave. On to the DIY!



[clear] Method:

1. Cut out your thread as normal and knot it at one end. [clear]

2. Thread one thread (the blue strand) through the first curb link (from the underside) and re-thread it through the 3rd link so it’s threaded every alternate link.[clear]

3. For the other strand (in this case, purple) thread it through the top side of the 2nd curb link. It should also be woven every alternate link from it’s start point.[clear]

4. When you pull them through, the threads will end up on the opposite side.[clear]

5. Pull the threads to the right side and repeat the weave. [clear]

6. Repeat the alternating weave of each strand until you reach the end leaving about 5CM of slack to knot it. Trim off the excess thread at the end and it’s done![clear]

Other variations of this weave:

  • If you had a larger curb link chain (anywhere from 15-20mm wide) you could weave both sides to give it a braided look.
  • You could also use different colours for both sides.
  • You could weave half the bracelet and weave the opposite half with another set of colours so that they’re diagonally opposite each other (as in the quarter weave)
  • You could also do the above with one set of threads by just pulling the threads over to the opposite side and weaving the other side (you’ll only have the same two colours this way but it’s less work)

I may post up some variations that I’ve mentioned but I won’t be doing a DIY for them because they are basically the same concept. I hope you all enjoy making these bracelets! If you have any questions, post them in the comments below or leave it on the Facebook page!

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