Quarter Weave – variation of the woven curb link bracelet

From the previous post you should all know how to make a regular if not half-woven curb link bracelet. This post is about a variation of the woven curb link bracelet – I came up with this myself while playing with the weaving and so I’ve decided to call it the quarter weave as you only weave a quarter of each side. On to the DIY!



Same as previous DIY


1. Weave one side as normal up until you reach about halfway of your threads. The following gets difficult to explain so follow the pictures below.

2. The back of the chain should look like this [clear]

3. The front of the chain should look like this. Bring  both groups of your threads (this is this case, purple and blue) to the opposite side as demonstrated by the next picture. [clear]

4. Both groups of threads are on the other side. [clear]

5. Begin weaving as per normal. [clear]

6. Weave each piece as you would normally. [clear]

7. This is what your weave should look like on the 2nd weave.[clear]

8. Once you are almost done leave about 5CM of slack and knot the end. [clear]

9. Done! [clear]

This is a pretty easy weave to do and it took me only a few more minutes to complete compared to the regular weave. I’m quite tired of the normal weave as it looks too primary school-esq (as I’ve mentioned already) and this does give it a bit of pizazz. Leave a comment if you have any questions or if you just want to say that you loved it  =P Come by the Facebook page and show some love too while you’re at it!

I’ve also made a different variation of this weave and I’ll post up a DIY for it tomorrow. It’s a much simpler weave but there are more ways to customise it. Hope you all have fun making these bracelets and I’ll see you soon!

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