woven curb link bracelet

As mentioned on the facebook page about a month ago, I said I wanted to make this woven chain bracelet as posted by Honestly WTF. Ordering the curb link bracelet wasn’t too hard on ebay and it arrived in about two weeks (which is amazingly fast for shipping to Australia)! Picked it up today and started this project. I have changed the DIY a bit as I’ve made a half woven bracelet as opposed to the fully woven one on Honestly WTF.



  • Embroidery threadI used six colours in total
  • Scissors
  • Curb link braceletmine is a rose gold one and measures 9mm across while the Honestly WTF bracelet is possibly anywhere from 15-20mm across. I bought a rose-gold bracelet as it is currently winter and the yellow gold looked far too warm for this season.
  • Bendable wireBecause the links in my bracelet was too small for a bobby pin to pass through, I used some bendable wire to act as my threader.

[clear]Method: (half woven bracelet only – for full read here)

1. Cut out 3 strands of each colour you have. Each strand should be twice the length of the bracelet.Because I used six colours and my bracelet was about 16CM long, I had 18 strands of thread each measuring 32CM.
2. Gather the colours you would like to be together into a set to make two even sets (my sets are purple and blue). Knot the two sets at the top with about 3CM of slack. See pictures below on how to weaveAs my bracelet is significantly smaller than the one used in the Honestly WTF tutorial I only weaved one set into each link. If you have a larger curb link bracelet, feel free to weave twice into the same link as in the Honestly WTF tutorial., they are in order from left to right.








To finish, leave about 5CM of slack and tie the end into a knot. If you don’t have enough slack to make the knot just undo one or two weaves and it should be enough to make the knot. Trim off excess thread and admire your handi-work! The half-woven effect exposes more of the metal which gives it a more formal look but yet still looks rocking with jeans and a Tee. Personally I prefer this half-woven look as I feel the full woven one looks too friendship bracelet-esq which is so reminiscent of primary school.

I have also made a quarter weave bracelet (what is it?! well you’ll have to come back tomorrow to find out!) but by the time I made it, it was too dark to take any good pictures =[ That tutorial will come tomorrow when I can take more pictures!

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