I’m Alive!

I really am! it’s actually been a week since exams have ended but there has just been too much sleep and DiabloIII to catch up on! I’ve got a quick jar/bottle decoration you can whip up in five minutes or less(!) to share and some early birthday presents from my cousins~

As my parents recently went overseas to visit some relatives, my mum decided to bring home some macadamia nuts for her sister since she really likes it but when we buy it in bulk the nuts come in an ugly plastic bag (the kind you bag veggies with at the grocery shop) so mum just asked me to package them neatly for transportation and presentation purposes. The bottle is an old ground coffee bottle with the label soaked off (we have so many of those in the pantry – reuse and recycle!) and I made the bow with some left over fabric I had. The fabric came from an old men’s shirt I bought from the local charity shop and I tore two strips from the sleeve to make this bow. I didn’t do it the normal way so here is a little diagram with step by step instructions (click for larger):


NOTE: In step one, the longer strip should be about twice the length of the shorter strip. The diagram is not to scale!

I call it a ‘two-strip bow’ – you could replicate this with any piece of ribbon or fabric if you so wish. If the fabric is fraying a little too much when you’ve finished, just trim it off with a pair of scissors – but remember if you’re using torn fabric it will eventually fray! Besides, I feel that the fraying adds a little bit of charm to the jar ^_^ Trim off excess/shape with the scissors as well once you are done. If you have any problems/questions just leave a comment and I’ll try my best to clarify your issue![clear]

On to presents!

This is a Coach wristlet given to me as an early birthday gift from my cousin and her friend and I love it! It’s so convenient to use when I’m doing a quick grocery run or when I’m just going out for dinner.


The charm bracelet was made for me by another one of my cousins as an early present as well! It has all the things I love doing (the sewing machine is just so adorable) and all the charms are just so cute! [clear]

I’ve also ordered a curb link bracelet off ebay and it’s arrived but I’ll have to go and pick it up tomorrow from the post office. Can’t wait to make the woven bracelet I shared on the Facebook page!

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