An inspired bracelet

In my last post I mentioned I wanted to make something like the Mimco trash and treasure bracelet and here it is! Decided to make this today since my beads arrived (from ebay) and well, it was a good distraction from studying Cancer Pathology >.<

It isn’t as edgy as the Mimco one but I feel that it suits my look much better. It has cost me a total of $16.14 so I definitely made it under the budget of $30! I finished it within an afternoon so it really is a nice little project to embark on if you’ve got to make something for a friend’s birthday or just something nice for yourself. On to the DIY!



> Memory coil wire

> Variety of glass pearls – at least 3 different sizesI suggest 6, 8, and 10mm beads and colours

> Other beads as you wish

> Pliers

[clear] Method:

  1. Count 9 loops of the memory wire and cut it.
  2. Curl one end of the wire so that the beads won’t fall out.
  3. Start threading the beads, alternating between colours, sizes and types.
  4. To add the beads that dangle from the bracelet, thread a single bead through a head pin, cut off excess wire and curl the end of the pin into a loop.
  5. Continue until the beads totally cover the memory wire.
  6. Curl the end of the wire with the pliers to stop the beads from falling out.

I had actually bought a bracelet  that had the blue-black and clear beads already threaded onto headpins (it was $5.00 for a whole lot of pre-headpined beads so that saved me a lot of effort). I just sacrificed it and took the beads out =D
This is a good project for recycling any old beads/bracelets/necklaces that you have lying around the house but just don’t use any more. If you don’t have enough beads around, I suggest you buy them online as a packet of about 100+ cost me about $2.00 while a packet of 50 would’ve cost me $2.50 at the craft store. In total, I used over 130 beads so it is much more cost effective to buy the beads online. You could also go down to your local thrift store to re-purpose any nice bracelets/necklaces you see there.

I hope you all have fun with this and I better head off to do some study!

*Disclaimer: I do not claim any copyright over this and all original creative rights belong to Mimco. Also, please do not make this for sale.

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