Nama Chocolate (Japanese truffles!)

These Nama Chocolates are absolutely delicious! I’ve used the recipe from Just One Cookbook|Nama Chocolate written by Nami and they are fairly simple to make (mistakes take some time to fix though! But more on that later) – similar in texture to French truffles but I believe less difficult to make! My last attempt at truffles was not the easiest one (I had a list of ingredients, instructions and mistakes!). [clear]

[clear] Favourite parts of this recipe:

  • No rolling involved! Saved me a mess to clean up.
  • Simple ingredients (only three ingredients in total!) [clear]

Troubles I ran into:

  • [toggle title=”Overheating chocolate will make it separate – it became oily and slick T_T”]I’ve done this before! Can’t believe I forgot my own lesson from the last time I made truffles![/toggle]
  • Cutting the pieces I noticed that some sections was crumbling =[

Trouble shooting:

  • [toggle title=”If you’ve overheated the chocolate, let it sit in the fridge for 10 minutes or until the oils have become semi-soild. Take it out of the fridge at that time and stir the oil back in.”] pouring the chocolate into a pan before putting it in the fridge will quicken the cooling process [/toggle]
  • Use a thin long knife to prevent crumbling and wash it in hot water each time you make a cut – thicker knives will crumble the edge.


  • To coat the pieces evenly in coco powder place a dozen pieces or so into a small bowl and dust the pieces with coco powder, then toss it like you would a salad until all pieces are evenly coated. Add more coco if required.
  • To chop the chocolate up, make sure it’s at room temperature (do not refrigerate before chopping!) and use a large butcher’s knife (the kind with a blunt edge at the top). Position the knife about 2-3mm into the chocolate and press down on both ends of the knife when chopping so you flake off pieces of chocolate. It’ll seriously work your upper body strength!
  • If you don’t have heavy cream available just buy a cream with >35% milk fat content (in Australia you’ll want to buy Pure Cream)
  • To keep these delights, place them in a container, cover the top with a sheet of paper towel and shut the lid. The paper towel should absorb any condensation that appears. To freshen up the nama chocolate toss them in a bowl of coco powder before serving if desired after removing them from their container.

Future alterations:

  • I’d love to try coating it with green tea powder next time I make it! But I may have to use a milk chocolate or a milk chocolate+dark chocolate mix for it as the green tea powder is quite bitter by itself.

It took me about 2 hours to finish this – mostly because I had to fix the above mistakes but it should reasonably take an hour to complete (chopping up the chocolates took me 20 mins to do >.<!). The flaky dense texture of these chocolates are divine and the instant melt-in-your-mouth sensation is a delight! A great gift for anyone/any occasion!

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  • Nami | Just One Cookbook

    Thank you so much for trying this recipe out! Sorry about overheating the chocolate. Did you turn off the heat after milk reaches boil? I REALLY liked that you added trouble shooting and all these tips. It’s very helpful!!! Your Nama Chocolate looks really delicious and green tea powder sounds excellent idea!

    • Samthebear

      oh! the overheating problem was all my fault – i didn’t leave the cream to boil long enough and by the time i added the chocolates the cream had cooled down so i had to put it back on the fire! Problem was i think i left it on too long! (even though i had only put it on for a minute or so) The chocolate ended up retaining too much heat even though the outside was cool >.<