Felted mushrooms – how to


By (not so) popular demand here is the how-to! It is not a comprehensive how-to as it would be too wordy to explain it all but if you want to see how felting is done, just youtube a video =] my instructions are just for the mushrooms.

– Wool Roving/felting wool
– felting needle
– old pillow or cushion

Instructions: [one-fourth]
1. pull out a piece of roving about 15cm long and roll it up like a snail’s shell.
2. Felt the piece together by repeatedly stabbing the roving and continue twisting it in.
3. Reshape as necessary.
4. Once you reach the end of the roving, add on another piece and keep twisting and felting it in.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you reach your desired shape.
6. To make the stalk, pull out a few pieces of wool roving of ~15cm and fold it in half.
7. Felt the stalk together. Leave the top unfelted as this is where you will insert the stalk into the cap.
8. upon insertion, felt the two pieces together using the un-felted section of the stalk to secure it to the cap.
9. Once you feel it is securely felted on you’re done!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask by commenting below!

Note: The more you felt an area, the more solid it will feel – this is especially important for the base as you want the base to be heavy and solid to support the weight of the mushroom. ALWAYS, felt over the cushion – you can place it on your lap or on a table, but I prefer my lap, it is closer and easier to work that way.

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  • Nahrallah

    Thanks for the instructions. ^.^ May we have some more pictures of the finished products?

    • Samthebear

      i forgot to take more pictures of the mushrooms before i left so unfortunately i don’t have any new photos of the mushrooms!