Review: Clio Lipnicure (Revenge pink)

This product has been the only one that I’ve come across so far to live up to it’s claims. A matte lip lacquer that doesn’t smudge, wipe off or transfer and has incredible wear time. Since pretty much everyone has released swatches of all the different shades available, my review will center around the pros and cons of this product focusing on the removal of this product and how the product changes when lip balm/gloss is applied over or under it.

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Revisit: TonyMoly UV Sunset smartok! Sunpowder

It’s been a long time since I had reviewed the Tony Moly UV Sunset smartok! Sunpowder but I did remember bringing up the issue of replacing the puff when it gets uber grotty. Well here is the answer! I managed to find some replacement puffs over at RoseRoseShop so on my last haul I purchased two extra replacements. Each puff was USD $1.20 so it was pretty cheap to replace.
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Review: Milk Face wash + Scrub

Milk is a brand founded by Michael Klim and his wife, and I don’t know how current you are with your Olympians but Michael Klim used to be an Australian Olympian in the sport of swimming. So I definitely found it an odd career change but the packaging and claims of Nori + Spirulina extract, walnut shett, vitamin E and Rosemary mint sucked me into purchasing the face wash + scrub when it went on sale at Woolworths.
I have to point out that this face wash + scrub belongs to the men’s line, the women’s line doesn’t have a face wash + scrub equivalent so I opted out of purchasing anything in the women’s line. Also, for some reason I can only find the women’s line at Priceline and the men’s line at Woolworths – it’s absolutely bizarre.
It’s been on the market for a few years now but I can’t really say I’ve seen many reviews on products from this brand (especially from Australian bloggers!) and it is only recently that Priceline begun to stock Milk products.

Milk face wash

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Wet weather ruins most things

Recent weather has basically wrecked all my photo ops and as we all know, no photos, no review! I love the rain as much as the next person (sleep ins, hot chocolate, warm clothes, etc, etc) but when things need to be done with fine weather, it just doesn’t get done (ie: laundry and photos). Here are some photos of my backyard to compensate for no reviews. Like I said, wet weather ruins most things.
Other wise, I hope everyone is having a good week! It’s Wednesday and half the working week is over! Weekend here I come~

Wet weather

Wet weather2

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Review: Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Jelly

I believe this is my first full sized sunscreen review! It’s a bit surprising that I haven’t done a sunscreen review since I live in Australia and there is such a strong emphasis on sun protection particularly as skin cancer is one of the most prominent cancers that features in this sun loving country (probably doesn’t help that the whole continent is located under the largest ozone hole). Other than skin cancer, the sun is also responsible for premature skin aging! But my main motivation in using sunscreen is really to prevent myself from getting skin cancer – the sun really burns in this part of the world, it may be nice and cool in the shade but once you go into the sun it feels like a thousand needles on your skin (it bites!). I bought this from Sasa when they were having their buy USD$25 worth of stuff and get free shipping promo (they seem to frequently have this offer available) so it was quite a good deal.

Biore UV Aqua Rich

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Review: Clio Waterproof Brush Liner

As much as I love eyeliners with brush tips, the Maybelline eyeliner that I has such high hopes for failed miserably in all other aspects. I found another eyeliner with a similar brush tip on my recent trip to Singapore and it’s from the Korean brand Clio – my cousin swears by their eyeliners and so does her friend (though they use the thinner brushed version). After trying this for a month or so, I can full heartedly agree with them. This was what I was expecting from the Maybelline Master precise liquid liner and more! This is definitely deserving of the Holy Grail classification!

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Review: DODO case customised

Please note: I was not paid, sponsored or provided with free stuff from the company to write this! This is a product I personally enjoy, love using and endorse!
I know this isn’t exactly a topic I normally cover but I recently received this gift from my boyfriend for Christmas. It’s a cover/case for my Ipad mini and it is made by a company called DODO case that is located in San Francisco. They use traditional book binding techniques to hand make these unique tablet and phone covers (because they make cases for the Nexus, Samsung and Kindle as well) and I have to say, they look pretty amazing! I first came across this brand when I was researching Ipad mini cases for my brother’s birthday and since he is such a book buff (English-lit major anyone?) I figured this would be the perfect gift for him! Of course it was a hit, this case is not only a piece of vanity but is surprisingly functional as well. You end up treating your Ipad as a book in some ways.


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Valentine’s day is nearing!

I know its really something like two weeks away but it never hurts to get into the excitement early! I had some time on my hands so I ended up doing a newspaper print NOTD for valentine’s day – it’s not the neatest newspaper print I’ve done but I think it came out nicely. Maybe for the real day I’ll just have ‘LOVE’ on my fourth finger and leave the other fingers without any print. Speaking of being prepared, I’ve already bought the Boyfriend his Valentine’s day card! I just need to think up something witty, sentimental and funny to write in it now…Valentines day_notd Continue reading


Review: bdellium tools 776

This is my first blending brush I’ve ever bought and I’m so glad I bought it! There is a real difference when using a blending brush to blend and a regular brush to blend (hint: the blending brush actually blends as opposed to just muddying up the colours). I bought this last year on iherb for about $7AUD when my friends were doing a collective haul from that site and I decided to jump in on the shipping action. (funny story, I was actually in a pathology computer lab class when I was notified of this haul happening so I immediately went onto iherb to shop – during the class naturally haha. A few minutes later my tutor stopped by my computer to ask me a question and I answered it correctly without even stopping – probably helped that I studied that particular topic in another class before!) I have never heard of bdellium before then but I’m glad I ended up purchasing this instead of the $2 E.L.F blending brush. It would’ve ended up as another goodie but cheapie but sometimes I just want nice things!

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