Review: Smashbox Full Exposure palette

I first saw this beauty in a friend’s beauty area and the moment I swatched it I realised I had to have it. There was no way around that. Unfortunately, living in Australia I get to pay this thing called the ‘Australia Tax’ whereby everything (I mean everything) gets a 50-100% price inflation. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because we live in the biggest hole in the Southern hemisphere and it’s a pain to ship anything here.
Fortune shone upon me though, as my parents were soon to depart for a very long, very expensive and very exciting Europe trip. I managed to get my mum to snag me the Full Exposure palette while she was in London for £38? I can’t quite remember the exact price but I think it was close to that price. Since she was a visitor she also managed to get 20% off VAT and the whole thing ended up to be somewhere around AUD$56 – a whole $10-$15 cheaper than if I bought it here. That, is what we refer to fondly as the ‘Australia Tax’. /backstory
Any how! Let’s keep this rolling – on to the review!
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Review: It’s Skin – Babyface BB cream moisture

I’m back from the dead! Or in this case, self-imposed academic hibernation. The last month and a half has been intense, I had to submit my final honours thesis and prepare for my thesis defense which, is actually coming up in a week! I had been planning to do this review for a while now but since university happened and messed up my plans it’s here! Although late.
I had been holding off purchasing any Babyface products from It’s skin but since this was part of my birthday haul (and it was just so cheap) I just decided to give it a shot since the whole product range was just so stupidly cute.
Honestly, I’m not loving these products other than for their cute factor. Read on for a full accounting of its pit-falls!
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*Review: Lightning rabbit – Apple lightning connector

I know. I’m running a beauty blog so why the heck am I reviewing charging cables?! Well for one, I have many devices all requiring charging cables and for another how could I resist trying these cables when Aleksey (founder of Latitude 28 design) contacted me about them? These cables were (obviously) sent to me for consideration but it will not affect any opinions expressed on this blog!
latitude28_All cables
I was sent three different types of charging cables (microUSB cable, Apple 30 pin connector USB cable and an Apple lightning USB cable) but since the lightning cable is the newest product available I’ll focus my review around them.

Basically… They are USB to Apple lightning connector charging cables and because they use the Apple lightning connector, you shouldn’t get any weird “your charging device is not compatible… blah blah blah” errors. The cables are 5 feet long (for those of us not using the imperial system, it’s approximately 1.5 metres long) so you can move around freely with your device when it’s charging. The cables are USD$20 each and shipping is USD$3 for domestic US orders or USD$6.75 for international orders.
The Good Stuff… Many people were complaining about problems with the Apple lightning cables, saying that the point of weakness where the pin and the cable met wasn’t reinforced enough and every so often they would need to repurchase the cable (and at USD$25 a pop they don’t come cheap!). Well I am happy to say that the pins are encased in a larger body (as you can see in the picture above when the cable is photographed next to an official Apple lightning cable) so the point of stress between the pin head and the cable is reduced in this cable. The cable is encased in a flexible fabric wound sheath and it actually more flexible than the original cable. To prove it, I did some knot art in the first picture (sliver lightning cable on the bottom right) and what do you know, the darn thing knots and unknots easily! I tested it on my iPad mini and no errors were encountered, it fit even with the case on (although the fit was a little tighter than I was expecting) and charged as per-normal. Length of the cable allowed me to use it freely even while it was charging (no weird holding angles) and darn it, these cables are colourful! The different colours are useful to determine which USB cable charges what device as well.
Issues: Despite the long length of the cable being a favorable point, I have found that when you’re charging your device in a stationary position, the cable actually runs a little too long and creates a mess of cables under your desk/side table/chair.

In a Nutshell:

Love: Point of weakness in the cable is addressed, length of cable is good, cable is really flexible, the colour options and the fact that it’s only $20USD per cable (plus shipping it goes up to $26.75USD for international orders or $23USD for domestic orders) makes it cheaper if not on par, with the price of an ‘official’ Apple lightning cable.
Do not love: The length of the cable could be a minus for this product but it is only an issue for me when I leave it in one spot to charge.
I rate it: 4.5/5
Interested? Find them here: Lightning Rabbit|Designer cables for iPhone, iPad and Android

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Review: The Face Shop – Cleansing oil balm

This was the most requested review from my last haul post so here it is! A little bit delayed but here nonetheless.
It has become part of my makeup removal routine and dare I say it? Holy-Grail material! BEWARE: The following review is very, very intensely descriptive – involving GRITS and Sebaceous filaments. If you’re not already disgusted, please by all means, read on to find out why this is HG.
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Haulin’ from RoseRose Shop

Whee! I normally don’t do haul posts but since I had just made a large haul I decided to share the love! Today I bring you a RoseRose Shop haul complete with mini-review/impressions of each product. This will be a long post, so for those who’re curious stick around or if you’re not so curious feel free to wait for the full review of the products!
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Review: Antipodes Divine face oil & Vanilla pod cream

A while ago Priceline had a 40% off all skincare sale on and based on a friend’s recommendation, I picked this Antipodes mini set to try out their products. Best thing was it had only cost me $12! It is a limited edition set but there seemed to be a lot of stock when I was there last (a week ago?) and they are still selling these minis at Priceline. Antipodes is a New Zealand brand but I believe they are available world wide at any good department store. Their main selling point seems to be that they use organic products and that their products have been scientifically tested. Even though they did get an independent test done with fibroblast cells, I honestly would take ‘scientifically tested’ with a grain of salt. I mean applying the product to live cells and applying it to your face is very different.
But anyway, this isn’t a scientific blog! It’s a beauty/lifestyle blog, so on to more interesting things!
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Review: Hada Labo tamagohada AHA+BHA daily face wash

Wow – so sorry about the radio silence, it’s been crazily busy at Uni recently so I’ve been neglecting the blog *Sobs*. I’ve actually been meaning to do this review for about a month now and just managed to finally get it done!
Many of you may (or may not) be familiar with the Hada Labo brand. It’s a Japanese brand that focuses on simplicity and affordability (big props to the affordability point!) I had actually purchased a bottle of this cleanser while on a short trip to Taiwan (I had run out of my cleanser and didn’t have enough time to pack so I traveled all the way to Taiwan with no face wash). I mainly wanted to try it out because I had heard nothing but good things about this brand while researching Asian skin care brands and plus it said “AHA+BHA” – what more could I ask for?!
Anyway, less rambling and more reviewing!
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